Do Bloggers Make Money?

do bloggers make money

If you love to blog the chances are you’ve asked yourself the question “do bloggers make money”? Perhaps you’ve been writing a blog for a while now, and feel it’s time you started reaping the rewards for all the effort you’ve put in. After all, you feel people should be interested in what you have to say which is what prompted you to find out if you can make an income from it.

The first thing you have to (or should) remember is you’re not going to get rich overnight! In fact, although there are many success stories relating to people who have turned what was once a writing hobby into a full-time income, there are also plenty of failures as well.

That said if you’re prepared to put the effort in, it is possible to make money from the blogs you produce and there are various ways you can do this.

The Term “Passive Income” and Blogging

do bloggers make money
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This is probably the best option for those of you who don’t have a great deal of time to give up when thinking about making some money from your blogs. Think of it more as a way of gently moving into the “money earning” arena without having to stress over the amount of time you spend writing.

Some of the most popular options in this respect are pay per click programs, Google AdSense, ad revenues and of course, good old affiliate marketing. What this basically does is allow you to post your blogs on a particular platform, and once people start to take notice you’ll continue to earn from it.

However, do remember the word “passive”. You might well be earning while you sleep (if you’re lucky enough), but the amount of money you can make is relatively low. Also, be aware of lesser known platforms that may well yield nothing. This will just result in you wasting time and becoming frustrated over the whole “making money blogging” before you even get started!

Have Your Own Blog

The above sub-heading is a little, shall we say, loose! Anyone who is interested in making money online already understands that a website is the first step, but where does blogging come in? Well, say for instance you’re interested in arts and crafts and you enjoy writing blogs on various tips or “how to” articles. You can easily set-up your own blog talking about your hobby, and one of the best ways to get noticed is to include a forum where people can add their own comments or advice.

This is a form of social networking that can really help you get the most out of what you have to say, and if you’re lucky you might even end up being invited to “link-up” with companies that sell arts and crafts. This however, is where it can get a little difficult especially if you’re a novice. If you are interested in being one of those people that makes money from blogging, it’s wise to work something out that’s beneficial to you and the company in question.

Be Sociable!

Take into account the fact you have your own blog, and it’s going OK but you still need more exposure. Think about adding links to your twitter and facebook accounts. It will take time to build a reputation, and you should be prepared to spend time on it each day. However, as the founders of both these platforms have proved, the more people you’re connected to the more chance you have of making some money out of what you do best – blogging!

Make sure you choose your connections carefully, and always be on the lookout for opportunities that will help you turn “time into cash”. Aside from the social networking platforms already mentioned, you can also make use of things like Google+ or Pinterest. Incidentally, the latter is a great website to help visually showcase what you have to offer others, and is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with millions of people across the planet.
If you’re feeling brave, or don’t mind seeing yourself on video think about making use of YouTube, we’ve all heard stories about videos going “viral” and there isn’t any real reason why this couldn’t happen to you!

do bloggers make money

Other Ways Bloggers Make Money

If the information above hasn’t got your head spinning, there is more! However, the options stated below are probably more suited to people who have already established a reputation.
Sponsorship – If a company has approached you about advertising on your blog (this subject was lightly touched upon above), it is possible for you to make some money from it. Basically, said company will pay you so their ad appears on your site. There are situations where companies will even pay just to display their logo. Think of it as say, David Beckham displaying the Nike logo on his clothing (although he would probably get paid an awful lot more)!

Donations – This may sound like you’re about to make money out of a charity but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perhaps you like blogging about weight loss or keeping healthy in general? In which case it is possible to have donations made to towards your cause. In fact, there are people who make a full-time income from this.

Blog-Flipping – Some of you may not have come across this term but again, it’s a very good way of making some money blogging. However, you may only want to do this if you’re capable of writing in more than one niche. Blog-flipping means you get the chance to build the site up and sell it. Basically, the more traffic you have the more it’s worth.

Networking – Social networks etc have already been mentioned, but this form of “networking” is slightly different. It is possible to get paid for the blogs you write however, do bear in mind you’re competing in a world market so getting the price you feel is worthy of your work may not be what you’re offered.



As you can see from the information above, it is possible to make money from blogging, but it isn’t easy. Many of the gurus out there will tell you it’s a painless process making a full-time income doing something like this however, you have to remember they’ve already spent more hours than there are in a day in order to get to where they are now.

It can be a bit of a minefield, and it can’t be stressed enough how much hard work it takes to even make a small amount of money. That said if you’re prepared to go the extra mile, and you’re patient there is no reason why you can’t start getting noticed for the work you’ve poured so much heart and soul into.

The one thing to remember, aside from the amount of hard work is that it’s still a big world out there even if technology has made it seem an awful lot smaller. If you truly believe you have something noteworthy to offer an audience in the form of blogging, what exactly is wrong with asking the question “do bloggers make money”?

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