Do People Make Money Making Websites? Can You Do It Too?

make money making websites

We always get asked “do people make money making websites?” and the simple answer is. Yes! However like so many things it does not happen over night but it is remarkably easy!

If you carry on reading we will take you through some of the commonly asked question from people who are looking to make money online.

How Much Do People Earn?

They key lies in how much traffic you get. Essentially the more visitors come to your website, the more you make. The law of averages are in play and so the more visitors, the more cash you make.

There are of course ways to increase the profitability and to exploit the visitors you get to make a bigger ROI (return on investment) With this in mind you can use more targeted advertising, be creative with font and call to action points – not to mention creating better and more readable content to really capture the readers imagination.

But, we digress. So, lets return to the question at hand.

As a general rule of thumb about 0.5% of all traffic generated creates income of some description. There is no exact formula because there are so many different ways to advertise and such a wide variety of niches and products to promote – which means it is impossible to have an exact number. Not to mention it totally depends on the person making the website and his/her creative abilities.

However, 0.5% is an overall average. So;making money with wensites

  • 10,000 hits = 50 sales
  • 20,000 hits = 100 sales

So, as you can see if you are promoting a product with an average commission of $10 then you will soon be making very good money indeed.

However, like we said before, it very much depends on what you are selling and how good your website it. Nevertheless, even a badly made website can make money if it has enough traffic.

Do You Need To Be Smart To Make A Website?

No! Not anymore. There used to be a time when you had to be a computer wizz kid to be able to create an attractive website. Nowadays it is superbly easy.

You can create a money making website with only a few click of a button. You no longer need to know about coding and spend hours reading complicated books in order to follow the rules.

Having said this you do need to spend time and energy – and sometimes some cash – on creating a site which is entertaining, informative and interesting for the reader. This is what creates the sales and commissions.

What Does It Take To Make A Moneymaking Website?

So, what magic wand do you need to create a successful website?

  • patience
  • commitment
  • willing to learn

These are the three points which people who are successful online will fulfill. Despite the process is relatively easy, it does take time and patience to create a viable income online.

That’s being said it is not impossible and there are millions of people – NORMAL PEOPLE – who make a lot of money online. You can too!

The key is to simply take it one day at a time and keep plugging along. Do not give up after a few weeks. The individuals who make a living online have spent years building their business up.

From our experience the average time for a new online entrepreneur to make a first sale is around 6 months (depending on product/service and niche you are in) From there you build your income month by month until you are earning a full time income. The beauty with the internet is that the snowball effect is great – the more you earn the easier it is to earn more.

Where Can You Learn?

The best place to learn how to make a website and turn your passion into a money making business is Wealthy Affiliate. These guys really know their stuff and you get so much for your money.

We highly recommend taking a look and creating a free account.

money making website


So, Do people Really Make Money Making Websites?

Hell yeah! To really get to grips with the world of website creation you do need to set aside a few months to learn some basics and get into the frame of mind. Check out the link above at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

There are literally millions of people who make a great living from the Internet. It does not matter that much what/where or which service/product you promote – there is always room for more.

Start today and in a year from now you can me earning in the region of $200 per day – perhaps more! You can learn a little more by looking at our Start Here page if you are a complete newbie at affiliate marketing.

If It Is So Easy, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

The main reason why most individuals give up and lack the success online is because they lack patience. As the first few months at least will be very hard as you will not be making any money yet putting in a lot of effort.

90% of people will give up within the first month, claiming it is too hard when in fact it is only because they were not patient enough.

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