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Doe Deere

If you desire to be a business owner you might be asking yourself, “what do I need to become successful?” What do I need to do and what must I become to ensure lasting financial growth? Well first you must be honest with yourself. Starting and growing a business takes vision and a willingness to do the hard work. Oh there’s the preparation of studying your field, understanding your market, creating a business plan, and raising capitol. However, it’s your passion for the business that will drive you. It’s the love of what you do and why you do it that will push you through inevitable hurdles. If you’re a woman you may feel you have additional obstacles that others simple don’t have to deal with because most women are not raised to become entrepreneurs. Luckily we live in an era where there are more women business leaders than ever before in history. These modern chicks have set a new standard for what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive world we now live in. Take for example, Owner and Founder of Lime Cosmetics Doe Deere. Her look and story is as unusual as her name but they may hold the clues to true entrepreneurial success. Simply stated you must follow your passion, embrace your skills, push beyond limitations, learn from those around you, take risks, and above it all be authentic.



So what do you need to become successful? For those looking for inspiration you need look no further than Doe Deere. Deere started her business on EBay with a timeless truth – follow your passion and be true to who you are. Some may call it stubbornness but if you have a vision for yourself, for your company, then you must proceed with blinders firmly in place. There will be those who will tell you you’re wrong, to follow trends, or just go with the status quo. But Deere has demonstrated that only in painting with your own palette can you really set yourself apart from the rest. In one of the most cut throat industries, Deere was able to capitalize on her talent of using makeup to transform and she did it by being true to herself.


Deere chose to launch a make up line because she loves make up but it was her passion that lead her to make up artistry. She then used those skills to create looks that caught the attention of a very specific customer. Deere feels that your best results come from your natural skills so be ready to master your field and pick up new skills as you grow. In other words, work with what you have and become a professional. As you progress new skills will come to light that will further your success.


Deere was once told that her online business model would never work because woman need to try lipsticks on before they will buy. For others this was a limitation and most likely many companies avoided selling make up online for this very reasoning. However, Deere’s vision could not be held back and instead she utilized social media platforms like Instagram because it’s prime emphasis is imagery. In capitalizing on her skills as a make up artist she created highly sought after looks and a following; thereby, proving to her nay Sayers that it could be done.


Although Deere has remained steadfast in her vision she also understands that you must have an open mind. Times are changing and these days they are changing rapidly so to be successful you must be willing to learn from others. Deere feels she has been taught by both colleagues and employees. These voices are not directing her; they aren’t telling her which way to go or how to run her business. They are offering her some insight into areas and opportunities she herself may never have thought of.



Deere named her company after her favorite color and a love for vivid makeup which she states is almost a crime to wear. Risk is the name of the game in all forms of business because it’s unavoidable. There were no guarantees that women would love her lipsticks, her looks, or even buy online having never tested the color in person. She took a risk and continues to do so because that is how you grow. Going toward the unknown is scary but it’s the only way to learn and the one true way to improve. Without a willingness to take risks Deere would not have introduced a brand new category in the cosmetics world – liquid-to-matte lipsticks. These are the type of smart risks that if properly carried out will make you a leader in your field.


So what does it take to be a success? You got to have a vision for it will be your true purpose and inspiration. You have to know yourself and be confident of your vision so that when hurdles come your way you’ll be able to meet them head on. You’ll have to be wise enough to listen to others yet strong enough to make the best decisions for your vision. And finally, you must be brave for there are no guarantees but a successful risk is worth the reward.


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  1. You rightly named Doe as a Crusader. She challenged all norms to become a successful entrepreneur. Very encouraging stuff for many!

  2. I am guilty of procrastination. Today, I’m willing to start up a new thing, tomorrow I’m thinking of procrastinating it and possibly go for something I feel its better. Indeed, being an entrepreneur requires, dedication and willingness just as the owner of Lime Cosmetics – Doe Deere. I’m inspired this time, and will definitely take a step forward.

  3. Absolutely correct! One of the things that posed itself as a challenge to me when I first start up my business was that I am a woman and women aren’t much known for entrepreneurship. However, I eventually fought and won over the thought. Today, I am very happy with where I am in business.

  4. Doe Deere has been one of the very few women I look up to in the business world. The way she started up and became motivated to move on in the industry has been a great source of inspiration to me. And that’s part of what’s keeps me going in my business.

  5. I actually read about Doe Deere when I was about starting my homemade fruit juice business. She was a source of real and pure inspiration to me then and I could say I wouldn’t have started the business by now because I wanted everything to be perfect before I did. Right now, the business is gaining more grounds by day and has moved from homemade to a bigger height.

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