Does My Cash Freebies Work? – Read This BEFORE Joining!

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There are many ways of making money online but one of the most prolific, easiest and simply amazing way to do so is with My Cash Freebies and if you read on we will show you why it does work!

So, if you have been trawling the Google machine for how to earn money using the Internet then this is the final stop. Read this review to see why My Cash Freebies will change your life.

A Quick Summary Of My Cash Freebies & How It Works

My Cash Freebies is the No.1 of all the Freebies Websites. Essentially what it does is offer a wide variety of free/paid trials offered by the top Fortune 500 Companies such as GoDaddy or Equifax. These companies have massive advertising budgets and they need people to try their services. These services are things we all sign up to on a regular basis, such as 30 days free trials etc.

My Cash Freebies is simply a gateway for online affiliates to make money simply by promoting these trial offers.


  • Experian Credit Expert has a 30 Day Free Trial offer.
  • YOU find someone to sign up for this offer.
  • The person you refer joins My Cash Freebies (FREE) and signs up to this offer (FREE)
  • YOU get paid $20

Join my cash freebies

How does it work? This simple video will lay it out for you…

After Watching The Video You Can join By Clicking HERE

IMPORTANT – Only One Account Per House Hold/IP Address Is Allowed – IMPORTANT

This All Sounds Like A Lot Of Work For Very Little Reward?

No. Even though it does sound like a pain in the bum this really is a long term and sustainable source of income when using certain techniques of drawing people to your referral link.

With our help you will be able to draw the attention of hundreds or even thousands of people to join as your referral without even speaking to them or meeting with them. This enables you to enjoy a potentially easy lifestyle when earning money on autopilot using Express My Cash Freebies.

But How Do I Get People To Sign Up As My Referral?

The most common way to get people to sign up as your referral is through blog posts/articles and reviews – kinda like this one. You can read our “How To Start A Blog For Free And Make Money” article on how to create a blog.

Other ways of promoting yourself;

  • YouTube Videos
  • Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Friends and Family
  • Local advertising with flyers
  • Create a blog and write about the subject

However if you are simply a normal person who does not have the time, energy nor the experience to do something like this then you are in luck because WE can help you!

How Can Help You Make Money With My Cash Freebies?

All you have to do is join as our referral – Click Me! – and we will help you as much as we can in order for YOU to make a full time income from Express My Cash Freebies. As an affiliate of Affiliate we promise the following;

  • 100% FREE to you and the people you refer – Paid version is also available for your comfort but not necessary.
  • We will show you how to make YouTube videos.
  • We will show you how to promote yourself without spamming.
  • We will show you how to build and maintain a regular income from My Cash Freebies.
  • We will not lead you down a promise land road and then try and charge you for anything.
  • We will offer FREE ways to make money as well as PREMIUM ways to make money by using Express My Cash Freebies.

Why Should I Join As The Referral Of

Well, honestly because it is your best chance of making money with a small amount of effort. When you join us we get paid the same $20 commission which you will get paid when you refer somebody else.

  1. From there we will help YOU make money because the more money YOU make the more money WE make.
  2. Honest and fair. You get OUR expertise and help.
  3. We get to help another newbie affiliate make that first sale! 

It is in our best interest – for the credibility of – to ensure that everyone who comes to our website gets honest and reliable advice and guidance. We are in the business of maintaining long lasting relationships with people.

Why Does Affiliate Dork Make More Money When You Make More Money?the rewards of my cash freebies

We make a $20 commission if you join as our referral. Then, we earn another 10-15% of the $20 which you earn when you get your first referral. This does not effect your earning in any way. The 10-15% comes from the Fortune 500 Companies. Then we get another 10-15% from the referral which your referral signs up.

This is why we say the more money YOU make, the more WE make and it is OUR best interest to help YOU make money.

What If I Join But Do Not Make Any Money?

This does happen. Like any other attempt to make money online you may fail. There are many factors to consider like;

  1. spare time
  2. social commitments
  3. state of mind

However do remember that this is 100% FREE if you choose so the only thing you may lose is your time. But with our help you have a very good chance of success!

If you are of a committed nature and are willing to commit to try and earn money online using the Internet then yes, you will earn money using My Cash Freebies. However if you barely have time to even use Facebook due to a hectic personal life and only have one spare hour per week to commit to a new project then we would not recommend this for you.

How Long Will It Take Before I Make Money With My Cash Freebies?

Anywhere between 1 hour and 3 months. This totally depends on you. On the one hand you can simply call your best friend and ask them to join through your link to get your feet wet and to test how easy it is.

Once you have done that you can start to knuckle down and create an online presence where you can get multiple sign ups per day and start earning $20…$40…$80++ everyday day! Plus the residual income from your referrals your referrals sign up too!

On the other hand if you have no energy and get distracted by your personal life or simply move on to other things then you will earn nothing but hey, it is FREE so it’s not like you are being ripped off or anything.

This Sounds Like A Pyramid Scheme?

No. My Cash Freebies is not a multi-level marketing system. This is something which is VERY important to remember. Please read the following quote from the T&C of My Cash Freebies;

And so we are VERY CLEAR here: THIS IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING, and should NOT be confused with MLM in any way! We (MyCashFreebies) are a simple referral based incentives network. This is a simple residual bonus system that will hopefully be an incentive for referral agents to better train their referrals on the ins and outs of how these sites work. The amount of residual bonuses you make will be directly proportional to how well you train your referrals. When THEY cash out, AND their referrals cash out, YOU get a bonus for your hard work in training them! Unlimited times! So it is to your best interest to make sure that your referrals know how to train their own referrals, and to pay attention yourself to the training materials provided to YOU by the person who referred YOU. Not providing proper training and mentoring to your referrals just results in dead ends, since they are likely to stop moving forward if they are not given the information they need to manage and handle their own referrals. Training and mentoring are a must for you, and your referrals, to make the most out of MyCashFreebies, and generate a wonderful stream of Residual bonuses.

Also, it is important to remember that these Fortune 500 companies would have nothing to do with any illegal activities so rest assured that My Cash Freebies is totally 100% legit and real.

How Do I Join And Start Earning?

  • Simply click HERE and create your FREE account.
  • Send us an e-mail to let us know you have joined – Contact Us
  • We will contact you and send all relevant information
  • We will then help you every step of the way to your first $20!

click to join my cash freebies

The future is bright so come on board and let us show you how to earn money using the Internet. If you want to make your own way you can still join without our help. However if you are a newbie then we are here to answer your question; Does My Cash Freebies Work?


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