Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake With Your Content Marketing

If you are promoting goods or services on the internet, you are probably very familiar with the features of your products. Unfortunately, this can hurt you when you’re creating your content. If you don’t translate the features of your products into benefits, you won’t fully tap into the psychological needs of your customers, and it’s likely that you will lose sales.

Features Versus Benefits

You may have a product that is technologically superior to your competitors. This won’t matter if you fail to let your customers know how your product is going to help them. If you go into a detailed analysis that lists all of the technical specs of your product, it fails to psychologically turn your customers into buyers. It’s been shown that customers react much stronger to the benefits that they know that they will receive in comparison to knowing the features of a product. You must convert the features of your products into benefits.

Converting Into Benefits

Your sales copy must persuade your customers to purchase your product. If you list features such as design, product specs, pricing tiers or analytics, it must be combined with a list of benefits. Here’s some examples:

– Don’t just inform your customers that your product provides analytics reports. Tell them that they will be able to access analytic reports by simply clicking on one menu item. This allows them to save time, print out a report and give it to their boss.

– If you are selling a hearing aid, you would want to tell a potential customer that your design is so small that the product is almost unnoticeable. Inform your customer that they will feel good being able to hear their friends and family speak while feeling confident in how they look.

– When your company has a 100 percent return policy, inform them that they can order your product and know that the transaction is worry free since the product can be returned at any time.

Build Up Benefits

In your content marketing, it is sometimes easy to just use simple words when creating your text. If you really want to sell your products, you should really elaborate on the benefits. Change phrases such as “you can analyze data quick” into “you can quickly tear apart, turn and twist every detail of your sales process into small bits of information that are easily digested by you and your staff.” The second example taps into the emotions of a customer and gets them more excited than the first simple phrase.

By using this tactic when you create your content marketing, it’s going to help increase your sales and prop up your bottom line.

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