Easily Get More Oomph Out Of Your Content

You already know the importance of content marketing and how to write SEO optimized posts, however, this is not enough to catch the attention of consumers bombarded with articles on the Internet. According to Search Engine Journal, the easiest way to grab readers is to create a great headline.

Creating a Great Headline

Headlines are why people choose to read your content, therefore, without a great one; they will pass your article or blog post by. People love list headlines, such as 10 easiest ways to do something. Action words are better than passive words and use interesting adjectives. Promising a benefit also entices individuals to click on a headline. Positive words, such as greatest and easiest always attract attention, as do negative words, such as worst and never.

Use Quotes

Use quotes from authoritative leaders in your industry to back up your points, always giving credit where it is due. If you are talking about a product or service, look for a social media influencer who endorses the item to quote, as opposed to a message from the brand itself. People’s opinions will carry more weight with your readers than brand messages.

Write About Trendy Topics

Search for trending topics on social media and base your content around one of the topics. The major social media platforms allow you to see what is trending based on whom you follow or like, which should provide you with content ideas that are hot right now. Other sites that identify the latest topics people are talking about include BuzzFeed and Google Trends.

Now that you have readers, ask them to share your content with their friends. Include social share buttons to make this easier for them. People will share trending content, plus they will also share content with an exceptional headline, often without actually reading the content themselves.



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