Equities First Holdings Leads the Way in Shareholder Lending

Equities First Holdings is an entity providing efficient solutions to persons with very high net worth or established businesses seeking financial assistance. The institution was founded in 2002 at Indianapolis in the United States so as to cater for liquidity problems that American investors were facing in acquiring massive funding from local banks and other financial houses. Equities First Holdings is privately owned, meaning that there is no direct intervention by the government in its businesses. The company typically gives out loans that are intended to be used as capital for initial setting up of businesses or expansion on the existing portfolios. Equities First Holdings is specialized in this form of lending with which it has managed to complete more than six hundred and twenty transactions. The beneficiaries of the loans have considered them as a cheap and transparent option that will soon transmute the entire money market. Unlike some of its competitors, Equities First Holdings is more inexpensive, less bureaucratic in its processes and is more efficient. The clients enjoy the current revised low-interest rates on loans, and this has ensured that the company maintains its customer base and keeps growing into the territories controlled its competitors.

Since its incorporation, the business has significantly grown, and it is currently operating in almost every part of the United Kingdom. It has opened offices in Bangkok, Sydney, and even in London as a strategy of expansion. In the United Kingdom, the firm is regulated by the United Kingdom’s (FCA) – Financial Conduct Authority. The authority also regulates banks and cooperatives and ensures that law prevails in their daily business engagements. Equities First Holdings has emerged as a global leader in the provision of lending services for investors and corporations. It provides the loans based on the futuristic projections of business performance and risk of clients associated with treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Five directors head the company; Al Christy, Jeff Smith, Joe McCarthy, Simon Moore and Julie LaPoint, each managing various sections of the business. Governments of most especially the developing nations are showing interests in securing this loan facility so as to assist them finance investment projects. Although the loans of this form are cheap, some target clients consider them not suitable especially when they have no publicly traded shares that are primarily used as collateral in the business engagement. But, this is not the case to some of the wittiest owners of business empires. Dangote, a Nigerian multi-billionaire is among high worth individuals lining to enter into a business contract with EFH that will see him secure a whopping twenty million dollars for his investments and the deal will be finalized by September of 2017.

In 2017 the company marked its 12th anniversary, and as usual, it made public its major transactions. Joel Leonoff is the chief executive officer of PLC, and in this year he has made headlines to have successfully managed to clear the debt owed to Equities First Holdings. The loan was extended to him in March 2014 with shares used as collateral. In its statement, the holdings company had given Joel loan that was secured by shares and which he had completed repaying. In this type of business, such a successful completion of payment of a big debt is a milestone as the subject matter of the transaction is of much significance to both parties. There was one million and five hundred thousand ordinary shares that were used as collateral by Paysafe Group PLC for three years for the contract to be secure from the lender perspective and as per the requirement of the law. Upon full settlement of the loan, the ownership was then taken back to Paysafe Group PLC. The company also was to have the contract with Paysafe Group PLC terminated as there were no more engagements or obligations to be met. Having completed making payment Equities First Holdings, Mr. Leornoff was to have an interest in his cumulative ordinary shares of over nine million and seven hundred thousand which represents 2.02% of the total shares issued by the company.

The company had managed to carry out more than forty-five million pounds to professional investors since 2013 when it established its office’s at London. This is a huge figure and shows that the business is thriving very fast. Before sealing a loan deal with Mr. Leonoff’sPaysafe PLC, the company had successfully managed to transact with Andrew Newland, the Chief Executive Officer of Angle PLC. The CEO was reinstated back to his initial position where he could earn interest for his full amount of investment. He made his full repayment in October 2014.

It is reported that currently Equities First Holdings is on the negotiation table on loan agreements with some potential clients and it is expected that business will grow and expand so as to reach all the high worth entrepreneurs in other continents. The founder of the company and the CEO mister Al Christy Junior has hailed the success the company has had so far in Europe.

The mother company with its office headquarters in the United States was also not left behind in these news headlines; they have managed to complete more than seven hundred and fifty transactions in the fifteen years of operation. This deal has led to more than one billion dollars extended to customers in the form of loans in just the last four years. Equities First Holdings is currently running nine offices in the United States and other than in Europe the company has entered the financial markets of the Far East nations like Japan, South Korea and the Democratic Republic of China. There are many wealthy entrepreneurs in this new found region, and the company is heavily investing there so as to capture the market. Investment models have been taking advantage of organic circles in the market, and it is for this reason that the company envisions brighter future in the money market. Some large corporations and governments have also entered into the business mostly as clients and with this rate the industry is for sure growing significantly. Security-based lending will soon overtake expensive loans offered by banks and other international bodies like International Monetary Fund and World Bank due to its two unique factors; low costs of funds and simplicity of engagement terms that it offers its clients.

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