Fabletics Finds a Way to Offer More for Less With Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s Approach to Consumer Marketing

The desire to live a healthy life and have a toned body through working out has made active wear a necessity. In fact according to reliable statistics, Americans spent an estimated 44billion on active wear! Sadly for the consumer the market is dominated by companies that focus on the bottom-line instead of paying attention to consumer wants and needs. These consumer woes inspired the creation of Fabletics clothesline.

Oscar nominated actress, the breathtaking Kate Hudson is the epitome of beauty and brains. In collaboration with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, they created Fabletics: the best active-wear brand in the market. The Goal of forming Fabletics was to create a company that addresses the needs of each consumer. They achieved this identifying the main concerns that the modern woman experiences when looking for functional and stylish work-out attire. The result is a workout clothesline that addresses all the major issues consumers face. In 2013 when Fabletics launched, most women were overjoyed because they finally got their money’s worth.

The owners of Techstyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have vast experience in this industry. This is why they were able to determine that female work out brands in the market offered woefully insufficient designs. Most women could not afford workout clothes that are stylish and functional. As a result women on a tight budget had no option other than settling for ill-fitting and unattractive clothes. Although Don and Adam knew how to solve the problem, they still needed a name that women could trust. They were clever enough to know that although they understood the issues objectively, they still needed the voice of a person who experienced the issues personally. After thorough research and brainstorming, it became clear that Kate Hudson would be the best choice. She is not only an actress but a media sensation that most women deem friendly and very active. Additionally, most women also find her relatable. It is no doubt that Kate Hudson understands firsthand the unique pressure that the modern woman faces.

When they approached Kat Hudson with an offer, she was more than receptive. In fact the beautiful actress was downright enthusiastic. Since she is dedicated to staying fit and healthy, she was naturally drawn to the idea of developing a stylish and functional women active-wear line. Fabletics is a result of collaboration between a respected ecommerce company and a woman who understands the needs and desires of the target market. Don and Adam were sure that with Kate Hudson on board they had a winning combination.

Another Challenge that Fabltics faced was stiff competition from market giants such as Lululemon. To have an edge over the competition Don and Adam decided to create affordable clothes that did not jeopardize quality for price but offered both. To maintain high-quality they needed an additional stream of income; this sparked the idea of using the membership model. The extra cash came in handy in offering top-quality pieces for rock-bottom prices. Women quickly noticed that Fabletics clothes although affordable were a bit as good, and even better than all the other expensive options.

Adam and Don as e-commerce experts understood that to conquer the market they needed to use big data and social media right from the start. Through big data Fabletics learns about what its customers’ needs and wants. The founders chose the membership model because it is very efficient in providing customer information. When signing for membership new members answer leading questions. This way the company can accurately analyse consumer sentiments and fulfil all consumer needs. Fabletics is informed consistently on what the modern woman wants when it comes to athletic wear.

Fabletics’ popularity has been elevated by the recent announcement that they are launching an active-wear line for the plus sized woman. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw the need to tap into a demographic largely ignored by most active-wear brands in the market. Luckily for them, Kate Hudson is not only a mature woman but also a mother, she has also been body shamed before. This is why she is passionate about catering for the functional and stylistic needs of women of all shapes and sizes. According to the stunning actress, her aim is to inspire more women to begin living an active and healthy lifestyle. With two brilliant entrepreneurs at the helm, there is no doubt that Fabletics is just getting started.

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  1. This is just one of the best business ideas you could ever see. I have seen over the years how different companies do their solo show, but Fabletics is really amazing not only in their clothesline but in their business initiative.

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