Facebook Ads and Not Organic Search Reap Social Media Marketing Success

Facebook can be more than a social media site. The network acts the location of a hidden treasure. The hidden treasure comes in the form of scores of consumers who might react very positively to solid Facebook Ads. Anyone looking for scores of potential customers might find them on Facebook.

Finding them does require seeking the customers out. Not everyone likes to spend very much money on advertisements. Entrepreneurs might craft a solid page designed to promote a commercial enterprise and hope organic searches bring consumers to their virtual door. Wishful thinking would be the best way to describe this approach to marketing. Really, the approach is a non-approach.

Yes, there will be a certain amount of organic discoveries of a promotional page. Billions of people are lurking on the Facebook platform. They check out a lot of profiles. Seeing a page that intrigues them, they’ll click “like” and stay on top of the updates. All this is great, but the actual numbers of these followers at bound to be low. Again, anyone trying to attract attention should advertise. Facebook Ads makes this both possible and very easy. It is hard not to attract attention when Facebook puts ads right into the feed of members.

And the members aren’t selected at random. The platforms algorithms match the ads with those members who are most likely to respond well to them. Their response, hopefully, takes the form of liking and following the advertised page.

Facebook Ads do not come with very high costs. Members pay based on how many people they wish to reach. Budgets of varying sizes can be accommodated. So, small-time entrepreneurs and big business may take advantage of Facebook’s advertising system.

No choice may exist for those who want serious attention from the Facebook community. Again, organic searches don’t really do much.



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