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The marketplace has drastically changed over time. Marketing is not what it used to be when many of us in businesses started out. Gone are the days when business owners used to spend millions of dollars on mainstream media and market to a generalized public to prospect who might need their services. Today businesses pay more attention to people’s behavior and advertise to only those people who are interested in their products. Search engines are now intelligent; they crawl using cookies to look what people are searching for and drive targeted ads on their browsers. It is even easier when using Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook advertising?

We all know Facebook for social networking; it is big. In fact, it is the biggest social media platform with other 2 billion users. Facebook ads are advertisements that businesses create and served to Facebook user. Their interaction is based on devise use information, user activity, marketing partner supplied, and demographic information and off Facebook activity. Due to the high user base ads placed on Facebook can reach to a lot of people and fast. You can also post an ad in a specific segmented target group based on location, age, gender, interests among others. Its specificity and precise concentration make it all the more effective.

Why you should use it

Two things are certain in marketing, you have to do it, and second, it will cost money. You also know that you need to make the best out of the little you have. With Facebook ads, you can measure what you want to use and how. That way you are sure you are getting what you are paying for. Unlike traditional marketing where you used to pay thousands of dollars, and you would not get a quantification of how the money was utilized, with Facebook ads you can see value for your money. With tools such as pay per click, pay per view or pay per a thousand impressions, you can comfortably explain the conversion rate. Also depending on the demographic selection, you can tell the actual number of your target market even before a campaign is started.

Value creation

With Facebook you get what we can call a bonus; with a free Facebook page, you can invite or get other people to invite on your behalf people to like your page, you broadcast your products, you get people to share all for free. Only if you want to get to more impressions that you opt to use the paid service. It is fast, precise and effective.


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