Components such as reviews and reputations are quite important details in digital marketing. Facebook plays a critical role in reputation management whereby the feedback by clients is used as a way of rating the business. A recent survey by Bright Local Consumer showed that 47% of customers used Facebook to rate their local business in the year 2016. This is higher than Google, which was at 25% and Yelp at 17% in the sites of review. A simple ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’ procedure is set to replace the 5-star rating system that has already started spreading to all business pages on Facebook. Its’ users simply have to answer a’’ yes’ or’’ no’’ question. If ‘’yes’’, an option is provided together with tags that represent Rich endorsements, additional response about the business and photos. If ‘’No’’, specific response will be required from them and the reason why they do not agree with the business. It is a way of ensuring that compromised reviews are not included in the overall customer feedback by Facebook. These reviews make the owners of the business have questions among themselves and on how their businesses will be impacted in the market.

A majority of the digital marketers believe that these updates should uplift their enterprises and clients by the inclusion of recommendations. A client will be required to state the reason why he/she chose the business from Facebook. By this, the entrepreneurs will get to assess the customer’s general feel and experience while undertaking their services. Potential customers will also know what to expect if one reads the feedback provided by the platform. The system will also provide the owners with relevant information such as, the relevancy and authenticity of a business. Facebook is on the move to act in relation to the feedback given by business owners.

The feedback given by Facebook users is important to other users since the policy of Facebook is to move forward thus giving the correct feedback without alteration. Developments have been made in the industry whereby the review tab appears directly on the front page of Facebook’s business timeline whenever people search or comment about business on Facebook. The review system plays a big role in the business success. The new Facebook recommendation update encourages this move by simplifying it. It also helps the customers in making decision before undertaking any form of purchase through the social media and related platform.

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