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For the past ten years, one of the most valuable and powerful companies in the world has been Facebook. While Facebook started as a new social media company that was popular with college students, it has grown considerably over time. It now has over 1 billion users that often use it to obtain their news, social updates, and other information.

Because of this, Facebook has been one of the top providers of advertisements in the world. Companies today use it to advertise their websites, businesses, and blogs as it allows them to reach the most amount of customers possible. Advertisers can also get real-time data analysis to determine the overall effectiveness of the advertisement campaign. While advertisements have been a great way to use Facebook in recent years, it now appears that companies are using Facebook to boost their online reputation as well (http://fortune.com/2017/07/26/facebook-advertising-publishers-promoted-posts/).

One of the newest trends on Facebook is allowing customers to use the website to promote positive news stories that were written by sponsored content providers. This act can then act as a great way to highlight some of the accomplishments that a company has had and also try to mitigate any negative news.

This new practice is just another battle that a publisher will have to deal with when they are trying to compete with social media websites, such as Facebook. At this point it is not known how significant the reputation management practice has been for Facebook, but it is believed to be one of the fastest growing product lines for the company. Facebook has called the new tactic as one of the best ways to build awareness without actually directly advertising.

While Facebook has provided a great way for people to receive news and company updates, they have drawn some concern about fake news being reported. In an effort to make sure that user traffic is more reliable, Facebook may soon have a paid news subscription service. This service will include a process in which news stories are only provided by reputable sources and are vetted for accuracy.

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