Facebook Gives Television Networks A Run For Their Money With New Watch Feature

About 10 years ago, Facebook was a social media platform used mostly by educators and students. Users communicated or posted simple updates by filling in blanks. Today, Facebook has grown into a global platform for people of all ages to connect. It hosts several types of ads, provides news, offers apps and much more. The latest change with Facebook is adding a tab that allows users to watch their favorite television shows, and it has people in the television industry in an uproar.

The New Facebook Watch Feature

The Watch tab will initially feature shows from ATTN, BuzzFeed, Tastemade and several other groups. Since the launch of video emails and video marketing about a decade ago, video has become one of the most powerful ways to connect with people online whether it is for entertainment or marketing. Although the videos featured in the Watch tab are entertaining in nature with minimal ads, offering such a feature is a smart marketing strategy for keeping members engaged.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the Watch tab will hopefully include a variety of reality, comedy, drama and other genres of shows in the near future. To keep reader engagement higher, the shows featured on Watch will be episodic and must follow a captivating story plot or include useful information. Also, the new feature will include live shows where hosts answer the questions of Facebook readers as they are submitted. Some lucky Facebook users will see the Watch tab appear as early as next week. However, the feature will be rolled out slowly, which means that some users may not see it until later this year. By the end of August, Facebook plans to have a tally of 40 total shows available to the small percentage of users who are included in the initial phase.

Several television networks are worried about this new development since Facebook is paying millions of dollars for exclusive rights to longer shows. Also, cable companies are concerned about their interests. According to an article from Business Insider, Tech Crunch reported that advertisers will be able to keep 55 percent of ad revenue from mid-roll advertising in videos in the Watch tab. Overall, the new feature is a great way for Facebook to grow, for marketers to reach a wider audience through an attractive new avenue and for social media users to enjoy quality entertainment.

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