Facebook Marketing Advice From The Companies Facebook Itself Trusts

Every marketing firm will tell you that they know how to market on Facebook. They often make bold claims that they have been doing it longer than the competition, or that they simply know the website better than anyone else out there. The problem with these claims is that they are often not accurate at all. Instead of just taking some company’s word for it, why not listen to the advice from the brands that Facebook itself trusts? Below are some of the best tips from the marketing companies that Facebook believes in.

Focus On Quality Of Engagement

It is not just the quantity of engagement with a brand on Facebook, but the quality of that engagement says Business Insider. The marketing brands that Facebook likes have long since realized this. They do not want to just gather as many clicks as they possibly can, they want those engagements to be meaningful as well.

Follow More Than Just The Last Click

How a new customer finds your business is in fact important, but it is not the only thing that matters. The reality is that following customers through all of the various avenues they take to get to you is far more valuable. A customer may come about finding your business in any number of ways. It is important that you track how they arrive where they do through all of the twists and turns.

By following the path that a new customer takes to get to you, it is likely that you will reveal new partners that you should be working with. These are the websites that tend to draw in the types of people who like your products. Therefore, you want to work with them in the future perhaps on things such as direct advertising on their site.

Use Facebook Data To Transform Other Marketing

The data that you receive from your Facebook advertising is very valuable to you. There are insights in that data that can reveal what you should be doing with other types of marketing. Utilizing the data to sharpen the pitches made in other forms of marketing is one of the great beauties of using Facebook for advertising in the first place.

Customers provide a wealth of information on their interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and general demographics on Facebook. Grab up as much of this information as you possibly can to form the most complete picture of your Facebook following.


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