How to Gain Financial Freedom in 2019 with Stream

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If you have dreamed of running your own business, having the financial freedom to travel, or rolling around in a brand new Mercedes Benz, Stream can help you.

Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder founded Stream Energy in 2005 and grew it from the ground up through a simple approach: selling energy directly to consumers through its pool of hardworking and dedicated Associates. This is old-school marketing method propelled the company into extreme profitability and overall success.

Today, Stream Energy is a thriving multi-billion-dollar company with offices in various cities throughout the United States, attracting a growing number of people who want to join the company’s tribe of financially empowered Associates.

What does Stream Energy do?

Stream is an energy company that provides services to consumers under four classifications: energy, wireless, protective and home services.

The way Stream sells its services is different from other big energy companies that spend a substantial chunk of their marketing budgets on traditional commercial advertisements in the form of media placements. Instead, Stream embraces the old-school method of selling. The company employs people called Independent Associates to market and sell its energy services directly to consumers.

Becoming an Independent Associate

When you become an Independent Associate, you gain income from Stream Energy through a Compensation Plan simply by signing up customers to any of Stream’s services. But, if you also recruit other Independent Associates, then you will move up to a higher level and escalate your earnings to an improved tier.

Escalating Your Earnings

As an Associate, you will manage the Independent Associates you have recruited and grow them under your care and guidance. You will then function as their team leader. While your team of Independent Associates will earn separately through the number of customers they are able to sign up on their own, you, as the team leader, will earn a calculated income from the sales generated by your team.

There are different levels of Associates, and each level has a different pay scale. The levels, from lowest to highest, are Director, Qualified Director, Regional Director, Managing Director, Senior Director, Executive Director, and National Director. To qualify as a Director, you have to pay the Independent Associate enrollment fee of $199.

According to Stream’s latest compensation charts, within a span of one year, an Engaged Associate that starts as a Director has the potential to achieve the Senior Director position in two years. In 2017 alone, the average annual income of a National Director was over $350,000.

Of course, your income as an Associate will depend on your performance. The number of customers you sign up, the number of Associates you recruit to work on your team, and your ability to motivate your Associates to grow their customer bases will all contribute to your accumulated income.    

How to Earn from Stream’s Compensation Plan as an Associate

There are different ways to earn income as an Associate, whether you’re an Independent Associate who works alone or a more engaged Associate who manages your own sales and your team’s performance.

Personal Customer Bonus

Stream Energy will pay you a Personal Customer Bonus as an Independent Associate when you sign up a new customers to use any of the company’s energy services. Within the first 120 days, you have the potential to earn $1,200 worth of bonuses.

The good news is that your earnings are not limited to the Personal Customer Bonus. You can earn more if you become a Qualified Director, which translates to a $200 Personal Customer Bonus within your first 120 days as an Associate if you personally market and sell Stream’s energy services and then enroll at least three Stream Service Customer Points. If you enroll 10 Stream Service Customer Points, you earn $500, and if you manage to enroll 15 Stream Service Customer Points, then you earn another $500.

Team Customer Bonus

The Team Customer Bonus has the same mechanics as the Personal Customer Bonus Program, except you, as the Leader, earn from each of the Independent Associates within your team.

If one of your Independent Associates earns three Stream Personal Customer Points, then you earn $100 simply by being the team leader. If you do the math, you can gain a significant amount of bonus earnings from your team by merely motivating them to reach their three Stream Personal Customer Points each.

Other Perks for Managing Directors and Higher-Ranked Engaged Associates

If you are a Managing Director or higher in rank, you earn additional incentives. Stream offers Car Programs, Travel Stipends, Streamcation, Top Performers Trips, Ignition Perks, and MEI Bonuses.

2019 Can Be Your Year to Achieve Financial Freedom

Many Stream Energy Associates have interesting stories of success, which are a delight to read. They are stories of ordinary people who dreamed of improving their financial situations to achieve freedom from debt, bills, and other financial obligations that hindered them from pursuing their passions and simply enjoying life.

If you are experiencing a similar lack of financial or personal freedom, there is an opportunity for you to change the path you’re on. 2019 can be the year that starts you on the path towards financial freedom. Become a Stream Energy Associate and, with hard work, resilience, and a commitment to success, Stream can help you achieve your dreams.


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