Five Mistakes You’re Most Likely Making With Facebook Ads

For upcoming and established e-commerce businesses, Facebook advertising is seen as the Holy Grail of paid traffic. For a relatively cheap price, you can target anyone and everyone across multiple demographics, spanning thousands of interests, from people all across the globe.

But are you using it correctly?

Facebook advertising is deceptively complex, and it’s very easy for even experienced users to throw hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the drain in campaigns that go nowhere.

That doesn’t have to be you. If you’re making these 5 mistakes, it might be time to go back and reevaluate your ad strategy.

5. Targeting That is Too Broad

Those little numbers on the right that appear as you set up your ad can be misleading. It might seem encouraging at the beginning to see that there are so many people interested in your product or service, but the problem with such a wide market is that you will undoubtedly pay to reach people that are not interested.

If your engagement is surprisingly low, consider adding more criteria to narrow the scope and zero in on the customers that you absolutely want to reach.

4. Not Writing Down Your Goals

This might seem like a rookie mistake, but even the most experienced advertisers can fall victim to a campaign that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing. For instance, are you trying to drive leads? Are you trying to generate traffic? Are you looking to get more likes on your page? Each one of those objectives has a different set up on the first page, and picking the wrong one not only models the data that you receive, but it also confuses Facebook, which can the give you conflicting reports.

3. Using Too Much Text

Ads on every platform, including Facebook, are starting to migrate towards visual rather than textual advertising. This means that if your ad has over a certain amount of text, even if it doesn’t reject your ad outright, it could still lead to lower engagement and higher PPC costs.

2. Over-Saturation of Your Audience

If your ad is performing exceptionally well, it can be tempting to simply leave it on autopilot as you monitor new campaigns. It’s smart to go back and revisit every ad set, especially the older ones, if for nothing else than to monitor the frequency number. This number is facebook’s way of telling you how often your ad is being shown to the same person. The higher that number gets, the more saturated your audience is, and the more you’re wasting money advertising to the same people.

1. Using Images That Aren’t Optimized

Just because the picture looks good to you on your desktop doesn’t mean that it’s optimized for multiple platforms. Specifically, if you are showing ads across the right hand side of Facebook as well as Instagram, the picture can seem stretched in places, or parts of the ad my just simply not be shown. Make sure that as you set your ad up, you are examining it on all platforms before you process your order.

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