Follow These 5 Top Factors To Avoid Google Penalties

After going through the time, energy and cost of building your website, it’s important to make sure that it keeps its ability to do one thing — supply valuable information and bring in targeted traffic. To do so, a few rules must be followed. The gatekeeper of these rules is Google as they own the largest search engine in the world. Here’s 5 top factors to consider so that your site avoids getting penalized:

Your Website Must Be Available

After creating just the right content for your audience, it’s imperative that they have access to it. Your hosting company must be reliable and keep your website active 24/7. If your site frequently loses its connection with users or Google, you risk having your rankings drop or getting de-indexed from the search engine.

A Mobile Friendly Design

If you have recently created your website, you are probably using a responsive design that correctly shows your website on all types of browsers — PCs, smartphones and tablets. However, if you have been on the Internet for quite some time and have not updated your website, you may be losing out on visitors who have trouble navigating your site. A responsive design must be used to ensure that all visitors can see your content. Also, without it, you now risk getting penalized by Google.

Speed and Website Performance

The loading speed of your website is also an important factor for Google as well as incoming visitors. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, many people won’t wait. They will just click on to another site and never return again. This factor plays a role in Google’s algorithm as well. If it analyzes your site and it fails to load fast, your site could get penalized. You can remedy this by using a CDN, optimizing images for format and size and making sure that your hosting service is up to par.

Avoid Thin or Duplicate Content

It isn’t 2007 anymore — you must use high-quality content on your website if you expect to rank in top positions in the search engines. Your content should include video, infographics and articles that contain 400 words or more..

Eliminate Harmful Backlinks

You should also make a periodic check of your backlinks. If you have any links from sites that Google does not trust, it can hurt your rank. Also, some unscrupulous competitors may try sending bad backlinks to your site in order to get your site penalized — yes, it happens. Make sure that your site does not have any bad backlinks.

You’ll avoid the stress of having your site penalized if you follow these factors. It will also help increase visitors to your site as you achieve higher ranks in the search engines.

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