Four Types Of Content That Encourages Backlinks

Certain types of content attract attention and backlinks more than other kinds of content. Whether it is on social media or in a Google search, people are attracted to content that promises them a good read.


Interview a prominent person in your niche. Many individuals will do interviews to plug their own business and get another backlink. Place the interview on your website, promote it on social media and provide a transcript because search engine bots cannot listen to interviews.

While this is beneficial to the individual that you interview, it also helps you. The person will link to his or her interview, giving you viewers and a quality backlink.


Answer questions in your niche with valuable content and a link back to your website. Yahoo Answers and Quora are both popular websites and your answer will attract attention.

Best of Lists

Reach out on social media to ask your followers a question and then publish the top three or five responses. You can ask respondents to elaborate on their answers to give you filler content, however, you may want to run a contest to encourage people to take time to give you good answers. If you are a retailer, you could offer a coupon to readers who take your survey.

Survey Monkey and Google Forms both allow you to create free surveys. SEJ recommends Typeform for surveys as well.


People love infographics with useful information in an easy to absorb format. If you cannot create an infographic yourself, gather the data and then hire a freelancer to create the content. The money you spend is an investment in getting backlinks from good quality sites and social shares. Use engaging information and hire a freelancer who has excellent reviews for his or her work.

Besides these types of content, web surfers still read articles if they are broken down with subheadings and they are conversational. Content that attracts attention is the way to move up in the SERPs, so create your best content for your readers.


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