Get Real for Effective Content Marketing in 2018

False claims, fake news, and unreliable information have never been a good idea when it comes to content marketing, but the current online climate pushes getting real to the top of the effectiveness charts. Whether you blog, post primarily on social media, share videos, post infographics, or live stream quality content, people want you to be you and to tell it like it is.

Tell True Stories

Succeeding in online business is all about getting people to recognize and trust you. People need to recognize themselves in the anecdotes you share. They should see your stories, examples, and overall brand message as something that speaks directly to them.

A large part of this is sharing both negative and positive things. Too much glowing positivity has people peeking behind the curtains to find the real truth.

Quality Over Quantity

Thousands of new websites appear online every single day. This has led to information overload, especially when it comes to marketing articles and blog posts. The majority of this content is either simply recycled or made-up fluff.

The trends in content marketing for 2018 point to longer, more in-depth, more personal content than ever before. Instead of building your brand by posting every day, give potential customers or clients something more to savor when it does show up. Two thousand words of entertaining yet informative text are much more valuable than four 500-word posts that merely touch on various points.

Share Your Passions

The days of regurgitating bland information about a topic or product type are over. Consumers who have grown up with access to the internet have become quite savvy at weeding the fluff from the facts. Passion in a topic shows in your writing. It creates more creative, unique, and longer blog posts and other content.

While the focus of content marketing remains high quality, changes in 2018 and beyond point to a more genuine and personal feeling for every blog, social media post, and video you publish. The more you actually care about what you are marketing, the more this passion will convey to the people you want to get excited about your brand.

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