UPDATE: Glen Wakeman Inspires Entrepreneurs

!!UPDATE!! It is no surprise that Glen Wakeman continues to inspire entrepreneurs and business by asking them to help their communities. Glen recently gave a large donation to the Red Cross to help with Puerto Rico relief efforts. His goal is to inspire his fellow neighbors to help in any way they can. For the full story visit http://www.glenwakeman.com/



Budding entrepreneurs can catch a break and learn essential business practices from the career of Glen Wakeman and his stellar path to success. As CEO and the founder of LaunchPad Holdings, his company offers a software service that helps early-stage entrepreneurs put their ideas into a practical plan.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman began his path to success by earning college degrees and then putting in the effort to make them work in the business world. From his vantage point as a leader in the world of finance, he is uniquely qualified to provide excellent guidance as a mentor. A common trait among entrepreneurs is their desire to seek mentors, and Glen Wakeman helps them realize their goals and reach their potential. His LaunchPad Toolkit provides the guidance that assists entrepreneurs in forming a new company with tips born of experience and connections to advisors and capital providers.


A guiding principle of his career of helping entrepreneurs is his understanding that connections can make the difference between obtaining funding or not. As a critically important aspect of starting or improving a business, it can determine whether customers show up or stay home while providing a link to success or failure.


Preparing for Success

Glen Wakeman understood his career preferences as a young man, choosing to attend the University of Scranton and earn an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance. He followed that accomplishment by earning an MBA at the University of Chicago eight years later. With an opportunity to work with GE Capital, he found his niche in P & L as he advanced through developmental business positions. Along the way, he developed a philosophy that enabled him to “ persevere through problem-solving” and to achieve customer satisfaction ultimately.


Gaining Knowledge through Experience

For more than 20 years, Glen Wakeman worked for GE Capital in positions of increasing responsibility that culminated in leading GE Money Latin America as its CEO. In that role, he found a fertile environment that produced assets of more than $12 billion with 17,000 employees in a nine-country operation (https://angel.co/glen-wakeman). During his long career, Glen Wakeman had the opportunity to live and work in six different countries in Europe and Asia in addition to South America. He was responsible for leading operations in 30 regions around the world, gaining international recognition during his highly accomplished executive career. Along the way, he became an expert in the country and regional management, business development, general management, operations, and technology.


During his tenure with GE Capital, he was the founder and President of Nova Four before founding LaunchPad. Nova Four, a business accelerator, gives Glen Wakeman a platform for providing the strategic advice as well as access to capital that makes success possible. CEO’s who receive the benefit of his coaching avoid making costly mistakes that Glen Wakeman makes possible (SlideShare).


In his leadership position, Glen Wakeman recapitalized DFC and turned it around from its status as a non-compliant and inefficient bank holding company into a “streamlined community bank” as a $2.7 billion independent US operation from his headquarters in Puerto Rico. As a result of his visionary leadership and commitment to corporate social responsibility, he received international, national and local awards. During his long career in business, he has earned an admirable reputation as a mentor and an entrepreneur who has provided invaluable guidance for companies that resulted in their development and success.


Sharing Knowledge

The multi-talented Glen Wakeman has talent as an investor and a writer, abilities that let him share his insights about emerging markets and international fiscal matters on his blog posts. Through his writing, he offers advice on management, strategy, and administration that reflects his years of experience in the financial world and his personal success. Glen Wakeman uses his remarkable mentoring talent to guide C-level executives and to advise entrepreneurial start-ups like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. He puts his passion for innovation, executive development, and growth in his clients and the successful entrepreneurs who learn from it. Glen also started giving away free guidance and tips to up and coming CEO’s and startup businesses. He has been posting three-step-tips on his blog site, educating individuals on the important necessities of running a company successfully. For more info check out Glen Wakeman’s YouTube.


Flourishing at LaunchPad

Glen Wakeman’s desire to match ideas with money created the genesis of founding LaunchPad Holdings. He had an intense curiosity about the reason for the high failure rate of new businesses and decided to look into it. On close examination, he found that they typically had no structure to support their ideas and convert them into a plan. His solution to reduce the number of failed start-ups was to build the Toolkit, a plan with a simple software platform.


His many years of success in the business and financial world taught valuable lessons that he likes to share. To bring ideas to life, he forces himself to explain them in a way that attracts interest. He touts the value of basing his thoughts on an outline that requires him to defend each one. By testing ideas with others who may not agree with their importance, he brings the best ones to life.

Looking for Challenges

Always seeking opportunities to explore, Glen Wakeman has an interest in a trend toward using machine learning to solve business problems. The availability of tremendous quantities of data makes it difficult “make sense” of it. He thinks that machine learning can create insights that can facilitate decision making by increasing quality. Concerns about the loss of privacy bother him, and he hopes that philosophy and politics can combine to keep up with technological advances while preserving humanity.


Glen Wakeman’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to stay in touch with every acquaintance and friend even time and distance may create separation. While the demands of busy days occupy his attention, he recommends using the convenience of social media to maintain contacts. For entrepreneurs, they can make the difference between success and failure.


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  1. Glen has found his calling. Finding great mentors is a great issue and many people are not successful just because they could not find a good mentor. From our birth to our death we need guidance of wise people. I found my mentor after 3 years of aggressive searching. I’m glad Glen is closing this gap. Keep it up!

  2. The last para is gold. Someone researched about dying people & their regrets and found 5 regrets every dying person had. One of the regret is “I should have been in touch with my friends”. As time goes on people move on and forget their friends. Glen has suggested social media for busy people and I agree.

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