The Global Mobile Advertising Market Is Growing Faster Than Ever Before

With every day’s passing, the Internet grows larger, and larger, and larger – ad nauseam. As such, the world’s total share of advertising increasingly switches over to digital, Internet-based mediums, away from traditional, print- and television-based channels.

Once upon a time – actually, a period of time somewhere between the proliferation of the Internet and the advent and spread of smartphones – most digital advertising was geared towards desktop and laptop computers, rather than mobile devices. Today, because smartphones seem to be in virtually everybody’s hands, advertisers are steadily moving towards mobile advertising channels to spread word of their products, services, and brand image.

What Will Come Of Mobile Advertising’s Continual Move Towards Market Domination?

Experts believe that the price of mobile advertisements will rise nearly 50 percent in just one calendar year. Experts at the Goodway Group, a digital marketing agency, believe that, in 2019, the price of digital advertisements will rise roughly 45 percent.

Desktop-channeled digital advertisements have been projected to rise no more than 3 percent – it’s surprising that their value will rise any, at all – over the same span.

The Global Market For Mobile Advertising Is Slated To Grow Significantly In Value

In 2016, the world’s market for mobile advertising was worth an estimated $105.36 billion, in United States Dollars.

The mobile advertising market is slated to grow more rapidly than ever before, as it’s slated to reach an all-time high, in terms of its worldwide value, of $244.57 billion.

All considered, mobile advertising’s compound annual growth rate will hold steady at an estimated 15 percent over the five-year period from 2017 to 2022.

Certain National Markets Are Growing Much More Rapidly Than Others

Countries in Eastern Europe are growing more rapidly than any others across the planet. Slovenia and Romania, for example, have seen increases in the total dollar value of their national mobile ad markets of more than thirty percent.

Ireland, even though it’s geographically located directly next to the United Kingdom, one of the planet’s slowest growers in terms of size of its mobile marketing market at only 13.4 percent year-on-year growth, recorded growth rates similar to those of Romania and Slovenia – above a whopping 30 percent.

Surprisingly enough, the United Kingdom recorded one of the largest raises in digital advertisement spending, 19.3 percent, with Russia notching a similar increase in ad spending.


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