Is Google AdWords Still A Viable Option For Generating Traffic?

People are spending more and more time on digital platforms, hence the reason why big brands shifted big amounts of their budget into advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, whereas in the past, advertising was more for television or print. Digital advertising, for the past 10 years, has been on an exponential growth.

Cost-per-click advertising can often be a great way for business owners to allocate their advertising budget. Things can get more complicated once competitors are bidding on the same keywords with the highest commercial intent, as the price per click is more expensive. Additionally, back in 2017, brands reported that they were losing $16.4 billion as a result of online advertising fraud, and in 2016 $12.5 billion were lost as a result of invalid traffic. Moreover, the usage of ad blockers in 2016 increased by close to 30%. Overall, what this means is that online advertising is not a sure thing.

AdWords data brings a lot of value to the table when it comes to SEO keyword research. While people pay for traffic from specific keywords, it does not mean that you can’t generate traffic for free using the same ones. You can determine which keywords are the most effective ones in driving traffic to your site, and then include them in your SEO strategy. While this might be more time consuming, it could pay off in the end.

AdWords comes more in to play once you are prepared to write an advert in AdWords using the information you gathered. As opposed to simply writing an advert for your website, you can incorporate the information you gathered in regards to which keywords are generating traffic to your site, and then concentrate that in your ad. While this will not magically increase the organic rankings, it will help you in your SEO efforts quicker, and prove to Google that you page is relevant to specific searches.

While all the issues present in the digital advertising world are not taken lightly, it does not mean that Google AdWords can not be used to you advantage or that digital marketing is dead. Google is still a powerful tool when it comes to generating traffic. Data that came out in 2017 showed that searchers click on Google ads approximately 15% of the time, while the rest of them opt to click on the organic results. What this means is that SEO remains a sure thing when it comes to building an audience, and AdWords can help with that however.

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