Google Announces New AdWords Bidding Option for Call Ads

Google has announced a new AdWords bidding option for advertisers using it’s click-to-call extension. Known as “call bid adjustments,” it allows advertisers to raise or lower bids for click-to-call Search Network ads.

About AdWords Extensions

One of the reasons why so many business owners advertise on AdWords is because of its wide range of extensions. Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform allows advertisers to enhance their ads with additional information by activating extensions. The location extension, for instance, displays the advertiser’s address, whereas the review extension displays customer reviews.

Perhaps the most powerful AdWords extension is click-to-call, which displays a “Call” button for users on mobile devices. Rather than just seeing a phone number, users see a button that will automatically call the respective advertiser’s business when tapped. Business owners can use the click-to-call extension to drive more inquires, promote stronger engagement with their target audience and ultimately generate more sales.

Call Bid Adjustments

Up until now, AdWords advertisers haven’t been able to specifically control the bids of their click-to-call ads. As explained by Google’s Amit Agarwal in a recent blog post, however, this has since changed. Using the newly introduced call bid adjustments, AdWords advertisers can adjust bids specifically for click-to-call ads. If an advertiser wants to receive more calls, he or she can increase their click-to-call bids for maximum exposure.

The call bid adjustments has a 90 percent under and 900 percent over range. This means advertisers bid 90 percent lower or 900 percent higher than their campaign-wide bids for click-to-call ads. If an advertiser’s campaign-wide maximum bid is $1 and he or she increases their click-to-call bids by 20 percent, they will have a maximum bid price of $1.20 for click-to-call ads.

The call bid adjustment option isn’t available to all AdWords advertisers yet. It’s currently being rolled out on the new AdWords experience, with Google aiming for a complete rollout by the end of the year.


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