Google Announces New Changes for AdWords Shopping Ads

In an effort to help online retailers maximize their holiday sales, Google has made several new changes to its Shopping ads. Available through Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network AdWords, Shopping ads are more than just standard text ads. They contain a product title, price, image, store name and other information. While Shopping ads have always been a cost-effective format for advertisers, they are now even more powerful thanks to several recent changes.

As explained by Search Engine Watch, AdWords now offers Showcase Shopping ads that expand to reveal relevant products when clicked. So, instead of displaying a single product, Showcase Shopping ads can display an entire category of products. Google recommends starting Showcase ads with a large set of products and then creating smaller groups to see what works best.

Another major change to Shopping ads is automated pricing. All Shopping must display a product price. Until recently, though, it wasn’t uncommon for the price displayed in the Shopping ad to differ from the price listed on the linked website. This, of course, led to some frustrated consumers, many of whom saw price discrepancies. To prevent this from happening, Google has implemented automated pricing, meaning Shopping ads will automatically display the respective product’s price listed on the advertiser’s website.

In addition to pricing, Google has also switched to using automated product availability for Shopping ads. In the past, advertisers risked having their AdWords account suspended for displaying the wrong price or product availability. With automatic displaying, Google hopes to prevent this from happening. However, advertisers still have the option to disable automatic product availability and pricing.

Additionally, Google is rolling out Shopping ads to several new countries, including Indonesia, Argentina, Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia and more. In total, advertisers can now choose from more than 30 countries.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about converting product prices to local currency when targeting other countries. Shopping ads are designed to automatically display the converted price.

These changes are designed to enhance the advertising power and versatility of Google’s Shopping ads. It’s important to note, however, that Bing offers a similar service: Product Ads. Rather than focusing all your advertising dollars on Google’s Shopping ads, try diversifying your digital marketing strategy with a Bing Product Ads campaign as well.

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