Graeme Holm Accepts Prestigious Award For Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm of Infinity Group Australia accepts AFR award

Thousands of companies from New Zealand and Australia were nominated for the prestigious Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Innovative Companies List. Being chosen for the list is a distinction that shows a company’s true commitment to leadership in change. Infinity Group Australia was recently nominated for the renowned list of businesses. Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and his wife Rebecca Walker. Since then, it has grown into one of the Australia’s largest and most reliable debt reduction providers.

Infinity Group Australia has helped thousands of people get out of debt, stay out of debt and reclaim their financial stability. The company also teaches people how to take control of their finances. Being recognized and nominated for such a prestigious distinction just five years after opening is a great honor for Infinity Group Australia, and the nomination shows the company’s commitment to providing honest services and advice.

The Australian Financial Review’s List Of Most Innovative Companies

The AFR has been publishing its list for the past seven years. In the past, it was known as the BRW Most Innovative Companies List. One of the reasons why it is such a coveted distinction is because it is the only widely recognized list that ranks companies from both Australia and New Zealand. The cross-industry list includes the top companies throughout the two nations. The Australian Financial Review is a well-known and trusted finance publication with a readership that exceeds 1.8 million people. The list is published in one of the organization’s issues each year.

Inventium is the leading consultancy in innovation, and it is in charge of judging contestants and compiling the list. The agency received help from a panel of experts across multiple industries. Companies that may be included on the list must submit information about problems and their suggested solutions. They must show that they are taking steps to solve those problems or to address them. Potential winners are judged on the effectiveness of their strategies and actions.

The judges also look at the uniqueness and innovation of plans and actions. If the innovation of a company has a great impact on a large group of people, the entity is more likely to be nominated for the list. Additionally, experts look at how innovations affect culture, processes and resources.

After the experts compiled the list, they ranked the winning companies with numbers in order of impact. Infinity Group Australia ranked 58th on the list, which is an impressive place for a company that is not very old. According to estimates, this means that the company is in the top 5.8 percent of Australian businesses for innovation. When the AFR names and awards its list nominees, it does so at a special annual event.

Graeme Holm was invited to attend and accepted the award for the company during the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night, which took place on July 30. In a statement, Graeme said that the company was honored to accept the award and was proud to be selected for the list. He thanked the AFR, Inventium and the participating judges for their consideration and time.

During his speech, Graeme also recognized and thanked his team members at Infinity Group Australia. He congratulated them for their passion and commitment to innovation. He said that he was humbled by the nomination for his debt reduction company. With many years of experience in the financial industry, Graeme continues his passion for promoting honest lending practices and helping Australian families attain financial independence.

Why Infinity Group Australia Made The List

When Graeme started the company, his vision was similar to how a personal trainer helps a person achieve fitness goals. Instead, he does this with a financial twist. Personal trainers learn everything about their clients and make customized diet and exercise plans, which encompass their needs and limitations.

Graeme’s company does the same thing financially. Infinity Group Australia creates customized plans for each person and considers their needs, abilities, limits and goals. This enhanced dedication with a client-centered business model made his company successful enough that it grew quickly. Although the company is based in Sydney, there are five total locations in other cities. Infinity Group Australia is still growing. The recent list nomination from the AFR is not the only award that Graeme has received. He also earned the MPA Top 100 Brokers accolade in the past. He was granted IQPC’s Customer Service Management distinction earlier in 2018.

Commitment to customers

Another reason why Infinity Group Australia made the list is its strong commitment to high-quality customer service. Graeme does not simply believe in treating customers courteously and providing adequate service. His team members go above and beyond and to make each client’s goals their own personal goals as well. One of the company’s top goals is to make a positive customer experience that involves every facet of contact with the client.

This approach is one of the cornerstones of Infinity Group Australia’s success, and the results of this innovative plan speak volumes. An impressive 100 percent of clients pay off more of their home loan balance during the first 90 days of using Infinity Group Australia’s services than they did during the past year.

The company works beyond the traditional banking structure and helps clients find advantageous ways to reduce their debt quickly. Also, the team members provide dedicated support and financial guidance. By teaching clients more responsible spending and budgeting habits, the team members help them achieve independence and avoid falling back into bad habits.

The average client eliminates more than $40,000 in debt within the first year of working with Infinity Group Australia. Although the company is known for its debt reduction services, it also offers financial planning for retirement and wealth creation planning.

Graeme Holm As A Debt Reduction Innovator

When he formed the company, Graeme Holm spent several months researching problems and developing solutions, and his research focused on the nation’s mortgage market. In his research, he found that there was a lack of support, guidance, advice and assistance for families and individuals. He carefully developed solutions that were not similar to old approaches. Also, Graeme identified the harmful practices of banks that needed improvement.

With his new ideas, Graeme devised a plan to help address every aspect of getting out of debt. For most Australians, poor spending and budgeting habits are a major part of the equation.

Many debt reduction companies do not provide adequate financial education and coaching for people. They may provide minimal literature but do not proactively check on clients to see how they are progressing as they pay off their debts. Infinity Group Australia monitors the success of every client’s journey to financial independence. Each client receives a monthly performance report and a team member reviews a their finance plan.

Clients can call with questions whenever they wish. Personalized plans are adjusted as necessary as clients’ needs or income levels change. Infinity Group Australia also helps clients avoid creating new debts while they are paying off their existing ones. Graeme and the team members at Infinity Group Australia are excited about expanding the company’s services to other parts of Australia in the future.

Graeme Holm And His Secrets To Success

Graeme Holm’s career in the financial industry spans more than 15 years. He is accredited with multiple real estate, financial planning and financial services organizations. When Graeme and Rebecca created Infinity Group Australia, they wanted to help Australian families live happier lives with fewer financial worries. Also, they wanted to help them build wealth for a brighter future and for a more comfortable retirement.

As Graeme often tells people, success comes from building professional relationships that involve integrity, care, trust and passion. Gaining the trust of clients is a top priority for all Infinity Group Australia team members, and the company rewards clients’ trust with honesty, reliability and respect.

Having previously worked as a banker, Graeme saw firsthand how poor lending practices and inadequate financial services hurt Australian families. It bothered him so much that he vowed to find a way to help more people. Graeme believes that every family should be happy. He knows that families are not as happy when they constantly about finances or are getting deeper into debt.

When Graeme Holm plans anything today, his secret for success is to create a list of the top five goals that are necessary to achieve the desired result. This is an effective strategy that he recommends to other entrepreneurs. He also starts each day by tackling the most complicated or the most difficult task on his list of things to do. This helps him complete his other tasks easier and faster.


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