Guest Blogging As A Content Marking Tactic

Ever since Google warned website owners about guest blogging; people have been afraid to use this legitimate tactic to build links and increase inbound traffic. Google did clarify that they are targeting people who distribute low quality content to multiple websites that accept guest posts. If a guest post is written exclusively for one blog’s readers and the post is informative and relevant, it is not against Google’s guidelines.

Guest blogging the right way is an excellent link building and content marketing strategy. When you approach guest blogging as part or your content marketing campaign, you should not incur a penalty. Choose where you guest blog carefully; the site should be significantly relevant to yours, but not a direct competitor, so your post adds value to the blog.

You will want your post to include one contextual link with one of your primary keywords and a link within the resource box. Since your post will link back to your website, it is usually difficult to find a high quality blog that solicits outside content. You may have to contact the owner of a blog that you respect and suggest guest posting on each other’s blog. Another way to find blogs that accept guest posts is to simply search Google for “guest post guidelines” and you will find blogs that will accept guest posts if the post meets their criteria. If you routinely publish great content and you have a decent audience, they may agree you will have better luck finding blogs that will accept your guest post. Offer to promote your post on your social media accounts to drive traffic to their blog as well.

Compose your content so that readers will want to visit your website and learn more about your product or service without sounding promotional; your goal should be to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If you follow these suggestions, your guest blogging should provide you with inbound links, which will boost your SEO efforts.

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