How Amazon Prime Day Affected Google Adwords

Andy Taylor from Search Engine Land had analyzed how the Prime Day sale had affected advertiser statistics at the time. This is the biggest annual sale’s event that they hold and it keeps getting bigger every year. Many retail brands take advantage of PPC advertising to increase conversions even more. This may even rival the sales during Black Friday.

Phone conversion rates were found to be extremely high during this Amazon sale. Non-branded text ads in particular had seen a boost as shown by this inforgraphic.

Campaigns that had been listed on Google Shopping also saw a significant spike with all platforms (as seen by this info graphic). As expected, sales of tablets and phones were especially high, but the desktop platform still did well.



One interesting aspect of mobile purchases is that they were mostly micro transactions. The difficulty of ordering on a mobile phone, in general, may have contributed to this, but it was especially apparent during the sale. The average sale price was expected to be around 85% of typical orders from before.

Since Amazon contracts with Adwords themselves, they had received a huge spike in traffic directly from PPC campaigns. Desktops and tablets led the majority of click conversions on that day, but phones were still a major player. What was interesting was that it seemed that a number of clicks on phones were close to the same as on desktops even though it had a tiny share of the impressions.

As you can see, Amazon Prime Day is like their own little holiday dedicated to summer time consumerism. Adwords deserves a lot of credit for driving up sales on Amazon, but ultimately Amazon created the event. What advertisers should have learned was that mobile users can easily convert to sales, but they tend to buy in small quantities. You can read a more thorough report about this marketing phenomenon here.


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