How Digital Marketing can boost your Funding Campaign

The JOBS Act specifies that small companies can use two methods to raise crowd-funding online from the public. This is very advantageous for companies that are looking to raise millions using a crowd-funding campaign. Raising funds is not just about writing some engaging content or adding a cool video to the campaign. Crowd-funding has become a complex process because you compete with many people. There has been a boom in the number of people who want investment money. It is not uncommon for equity crowd-funding to fail today. The most probable reason for this is that it was not marketed correctly.

It is important to note that effective marketing is what will help you to drive investors to your crowd-funding campaign. Digital advertising becomes noticeable when you surf for a product online. You will be bombarded by advertisements for the particular product or others that are similar over the next few days. It is the same way with equity crowd-funding. You need to get your advertisements in front of prospective investors. The following are some of the tips that you can use to improve your chances of success.

Facebook ads
An effective Facebook campaign will allow you to target likely investors based on several parameters including their interests, demographics, and location. Facebook is the number one platform if you are targeting a specific audience. This means that you will not waste any money because you are able to focus on the people who you feel will find your campaign relevant.

Lookalike Audiences
A lookalike audience can come in handy if you have a list of the emails of your investors. You can use this list to serve ads to this audience on Facebook. This allows you to market to a targeted audience. It will improve how people engage with your crowd-funding campaign. This strategy has been very effective and could increase the number of investments that you receive and the respective amount.

Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is where you pay for selected search terms. This allows Google to direct traffic to your campaign. The traffic that you receive will be dependent on the keywords that you selected and paid. This allows you to identify potential investors depending on the search terms that they use. You are assured that you will be reaching out to people who might be interested in the product.

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