How Digital Marketing has Changed the Multifamily Marketing Landscape

As digital marketing continues to advance, multifamily developers are now adopting new advertising strategies to draw the attention of potential residents. In the past, developers would target potential residents with billboard ads and newspaper advertisements. Today, the Internet of Things and mobile apps dominate the multifamily marketing landscape.

Most people today rely on the Internet of Things to function in their daily lives. To take advantage of this paradigm shift, marketers now use strategies that involve IoT. For example, property managers engage IoT by allowing potential residents to connect their household devices to their personal and mobile devices. The philosophy is to stay competitive as more multifamily developers start to embrace digital marketing.

Resident activity and publicly shared stories are a new trend in multifamily marketing. By offering potential residents a platform where they can share stories about their locations and their community properties, marketers can create the vision that potential residents will “be a part of” the community.

Many multifamily family developers are embracing crowdfunding as a marketing tool. Aside from raising money to develop properties, marketers can use crowdfunding to develop their brands. Developers can use the platform to determine if their properties are enticing based on how much traffic their crowdfunding campaign receives. If the campaign has little to no traffic, developers can change their marketing strategies to encourage more people to learn more about their properties.

The digital marketing era has many property managers and developers searching for new ways to leverage technology such as the Internet of Things. Location strategies, crowdfunding and mobile apps only scratch the surface when it comes to multifamily marketing and brand awareness. Apartment complex owners are also embracing digital marketing.

Conversion-driven websites and search engine optimization identify specific segments of potential residents in real time. There is no doubt that digital marketing has changed the multifamily marketing landscape.



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