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**UPDATE** In a recent interview Glen Wakeman shared that “The process of making a profit is slow, but at the end of the day, you can achieve your goals and objectives.” His business tips and strategies could be found at



Glen Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a company that is capturing the attention of the business world. As an internationally recognized consultant who writes on various business topics, Wakeman is an industry expert with his finger on the pulse of the business world. He has developed a set of practices to help companies implement positive change, the kind that allows them to remain in business. Glen uses these practices to guide businesses through the change process.


About LaunchPad Holdings


LaunchPad Holdings specializes in critical software designed to help entrepreneurs manage the initial stages of their business. This is an important element for business owners since they may not have the resources to handle major issues. LaunchPad Holdings provides software as a service, or SAAS, to guide new businesses through the early stages of starting out, allowing a company to make its way through the complex world of internal controls, digital marketing, and financial planning successfully.


On an official note, LaunchPad Holdings offers entrepreneurs access to online business planning with its specialty software products. Glen Wakeman brings his own unique insights into the development process. By doing so, he guides the direction of the company. For instance, he has a specific technique that he uses when he needs to generate new ideas and feedback. This technique involves assessing others’ reactions to different concepts. Wakeman’s process requires him to embrace a high level of focus and dedication. It also demands a sense of humor and plenty of self-reflection.


When it comes to serving his company, Glen Wakeman brings his own set of practical experiences in addition to personal intuition to the table (Ideamensch). Wakeman also takes steps to transform organizations at their base level to help them function better.


Wakeman has a keen interest in resolving the most important issue that small businesses face, which is their high rate of failure. To help them, Glen uses real-time feedback from entrepreneurs who are just getting started. The idea for LaunchPad Holdings came to him when he discovered the high failure rate of new companies. Glen researched the issue and found that even companies with solid business plans were failing when they were starting out. After using the available data to conduct research, Wakeman determined that the problem was that these companies didn’t have a viable plan in place that was capable of delivering their products or services to their customers timely, so he created a way for new entrepreneurs to overcome this problem.


The Five Key Elements of Performance


To be successful in business and help entrepreneurs do the same, Glen Wakeman developed a method, one that measures five key areas of a company’s performance. The areas are:


  • Leadership development
  • Execution
  • Human capital
  • Risk management
  • Governance


Leadership Development


During his years in business management, Glen Wakeman found that preparing a business for structural modifications is a major part of leadership development ( To help a new business in this area, Wakeman advises company owners to put together a team that is capable of directing the business through any type of restructuring that may be needed. Because most people are resistant to change, Wakeman includes them in the process. This step tends to make work-based transitions easier.




Often, a company will have a great plan, but when it reaches the implementation stage, it suddenly fails. Glen knows that having a plan combined with good policies is just the first step. To make sure that a company’s ideas are implemented, Glen Wakeman guides them through effective execution techniques.


Human Capital


When it comes to transitions, Wakeman knows that it can be tough on the people involved. To ease the process, he came up with a unique approach, one that effectively aligns a company’s original vision of change with the steps needed to make the changes happen. He explains the ideas for change in a way that’s easy for a company’s employees to understand and gives those who are involved in making changes the power to do so timely.


Risk Management


When companies decide that restructuring is needed, some employees are likely to feel threatened. They may worry that they’ll lose their job or position. Even when a company intends to make changes that will be beneficial for its workforce, people are still likely to feel unsure and stressed. Part of Glen Wakeman’s risk management technique is to diminish the disruption caused by the change process.




Once a company has implemented a new set of policies, an internal transition period is likely to occur. In most cases, this includes opposing views about the changes that the company just implemented. Glen Wakeman has made innovations in the category of corporate governance to deal with people who are unhappy with change and to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed.

About Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman wears many hats. He is a successful public company CEO, financial service executive, board member, executive mentor, small business owner, and investor. His career background includes 21 years in business development management for GE as well as P&L roles. He believes in helping businesses grow by improving a company’s agility.


Today, along with starting LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman is the founder and president of Nova Four, which is a business accelerator that shares strategic advice in addition to capital for companies that are just getting started. In the past, he was the CEO and president of Doral Financial Corporation, a financial institution that works in the mortgage sector, commercial banking and retail banking.


Glen earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. He also attended the University of Scranton where he received his BS in economics and finance. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and married. Glen has also lived in six different countries.


Solving the Problems of Small Businesses


By establishing LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman developed an effective way to solve the problems of small businesses. Because he was able to tap into his personal store of business experience, Wakeman is in the unique position of guiding new entrepreneurs through their volatile early years. Those who trust him to help them establish a viable plan of operations will appreciate the professionalism and ease that he brings to the change process.

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