How Innovators Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Made Fabletics A Marketing Success Story

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

The History Of A Dynamic Duo

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s paths crossed, the meeting eventually led to several successful brands that blend technology, fashion and consumer demand. At the young age of 15, Adam Goldenberg had already entered the business world. He developed an advertising site for gaming companies, and he wound up selling his site to Intermix Media in 1999 but remained active in it. The young businessman dropped out of high school to become the COO and VP of the company.

Don Ressler also sold a company to Intermix Media, and this is where he met Adam Goldenberg. Don’s fitness-focused site helped many companies raise capital. Some were apparel companies, and that was what inspired him to look into fashion for innovation. Adam and Don became good friends and started several online business ventures together that focused on beauty and fashion since there was a high demand for both.

Foundation Of Success: Pain Points And Trends

The creative pair decided to build their inspiration from two important factors that drive product success, which are trends and pain points. With a focus on fashion, they realized that one of the biggest annoyances to consumers was a lack of an easy way to find exactly what they wanted. Finding the right styles, sizes and colors of clothes or shoes involved spending hours combing through pages of e-commerce sites or hopping from store to store in a mall. Since consumers wanted the latest and greatest styles on demand, Adam and Don decided to create personalized online fashion services.

TechStyle and JustFab were big successes. Members are attracted to excellent promotional offers. When they join as members, they have personalized style recommendations based on information about their preferences. The brand Fabletics is one of their biggest marketing successes. If you use social media, you have probably seen sponsored ads for a phenomenal deal on athletic leggings. The pair realized that athletic clothing in plus sizes is hard to find, and affordable high-quality athletic clothing is hard to find in any size.

Don Ressler

Fabulous Strategies

Fabulous was the perfect foundation word for Don and Adam to choose. The name of the Fabletics brand is modern, fresh and enticing. For their ads, the two men use a diverse mix of women of all sizes to show that the company supports everyone. With high-quality fabrics that are easy to move in, the leggings, bras, shirts and other athletic items sell well. Members receive special discounts, which is another great strategy to add to the promotional offers for signing up. In addition to making women feel like they are a part of something that will help them, the Fabletics membership gives them the assurance that suggested clothing items fit their individual preferences and that the company celebrates individuality.

To add some authority, the two men worked with actress and co-founder Kate Hudson to market the athletic line. Kate is also passionate about living healthy and helping women embrace their own unique beauty. The founders of the brand hope to inspire confidence in all women. Clothing pieces are carefully designed to fit right and look flattering for women of all sizes. This was an important concept that Adam and Don took from their TechStyle brand to incorporate into the Fabletics company values.

Blending Storefronts And Online Shops

With well over 1 million VIP members since it started in 2013, the demand for Fabletics is only growing. To help satisfy that demand, Fabletics started opening several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. All shopping is based on technology. The company uses a five-facet software for optimal customer experience. It includes the membership system, the retail system, personal styling tools, a fulfillment system and customer management.

The technology used for brick-and-mortar stores is exceptionally innovative and benefits both customers and the company. Members are automatically scanned in when they enter a store. As soon as they enter, they receive recommendations based on their profile to make shopping easier and more efficient. This also tracks buying trends for Fabletics to analyze, which means that each store can stock its inventory to nearly eliminate problems such as not stocking enough popular products or overstocking the wrong items for that area’s trends.

Expect to see more innovations in technology and fashion from Adam and Don soon. The pair plan to continue their personalized online shopping services and are always looking for ways to make access to high-demand trends easier for consumers.

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  1. Hey, Don really is a great salesman, if you ask me. He knew he needed a sound marketing strategy to get success and he partnered with Kate Hudson and got free publicity worth millions.
    He knew there has to be a face of company in public and Kate is perfect. He does not have to hire her as brand ambassador as she is a partner. What a brilliant example of a marketing strategy done right.

  2. Congratulations for writing this amazing case study. Great to read that there are still new companies getting success. You know odds are against start-ups. Only 1 out of 10 succeeds in long term and Fabletics has gained success very early due to job done right. Experience goes a long way and Don has proved it yet again.

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