How Long-Tail Keywords Can Be Incredibly Valuable To You

Long-tail keywords, or keyword phrases consisting of three or more words, are an ideal way to drive quality traffic to your website. Long-tail keywords have low competition rates, primarily because other webmasters are wary of their low search volume. Volume, however, is not nearly as important as the quality of your visitors. If one in 50 visitors convert with single keyword traffic and 10 in 50 visitors convert having landed on your website after a long-tail search query, why worry about traffic volume? Since nearly 70 percent of traffic from search engines originates from long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords are not bringing in a large number of visitors anymore.

As Google users become more savvy about finding exactly what they want; they are creating long-tail keyword queries that are highly-targeted. Consumers will search for discounted items or items with free shipping so that they do not have to wade through numerous websites searching for a bargain. They will also use buy or read reviews to find exactly what they want, especially when they are searching on a mobile phone and worried about using up their limited data.

If you are in a highly competitive industry, long-tail keywords are essential for your business’ success. Find the aspects of your business that set you apart from your competitors and then try to incorporate these aspects in your long-tail keywords. For example, women’s fashions are a highly competitive industry dominated by major retailers. If your clothing is made in the United States, add,”made in the US” to several of your short-tail keywords.

If you are creating great content, long-tail keywords should flow naturally flow as you highlight why consumers should buy from you. For semantic searches, try to imagine how a person would ask a bot to find something for them and then compose your content accordingly. Measure your traffic, conversions and your bounce rate to determine if long-tail keywords are bringing you fewer, but more valuable, visitors.

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