How Some Affiliate Marketers Find 80 Percent More Offers To Promote

With 83 percent of companies that have affiliate programs using affiliate networks, publishers who look for programs by searching directly are missing out on many lucrative options.

Save Time

Searching for websites with affiliate or partner programs in the footer is time consuming; you have to check each program for the commission rate, how long the cookie tracker stays in effect and what action the visitor has to take for you to earn a commission. After you join an affiliate program, you can log in and see programs in your industry, with all the important information shown upfront, before you click to see the terms and conditions. Additionally, you can ask to view only cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-action (CPA) programs in the network.

Guaranteed Payment

Advertisers that ask you to join directly, since they do not list their offer on an affiliate network, often pay higher commission rates. Affiliate networks take a commission from advertisers; however, the fee covers the network’s screening of publishers and distributing payments to affiliates. Since affiliate networks distribute the payments, affiliates are guaranteed to get the money that they are owed for all of their hard work. The majority of advertisers that solicit publishers directly pay on time, only a few rogue of companies failed to honor their agreement and never paid the commissions.

Lump Sum Payment

When affiliate marketers join a network, they can join multiple programs can receive one payment each month. Many affiliate programs require you to reach a certain threshold before they will pay you; affiliate networks do this as well, however, they combine payments from each program that you have joined and receive one check.

Affiliate networks have multiple programs; join a network that has a large number of programs in your field, so that you have options. It is better to promote only one or two programs on your blog at a time; nevertheless, if one offer is not earning clicks, it is easy to switch to another offer when you are in an affiliate network.


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