How to Analyze Traffic on Your Website

Online marketing has become part of the modern marketing. Many marketers have made traffic volumes their ultimate goal. It is worth noting that not every kind of traffic brings value. Some visitors are ultimately more valuable than others since they are interested in buying commodities from your brand or because they stay longer on your site. It is possible for you to categorize traffic based on individuals who express a keen interest in your brand, those that are weakly attracted and those with no interest at all. Traffic can also be categorized based on its source.

Inbound marketers categorize sources in three as opposed to Google Analytics, which separates traffic depending on where it comes from. The first category of inbound marketers it social traffic. This kind of traffic is generated from visitors received from social media. It includes people who click on links on your profile or posts. The second category is referred to as organic traffic or searches traffic. It comes from people clicking on links you have shared on organic search results such as SERPs. The final category is referral traffic. It comes in when a visitor is directed to your site from another website.

Having invested in each of the areas, it is essential to analyze the strategies later and emphasize that which brings maximum profit for you, as you de-emphasize those that are less profitable. If for instance, you find out that social traffic is a more valuable than organic traffic, you ought to spend a little more time building links on social media. To analyze the actual value of every type of traffic, you ought to put some factors into consideration. It is good to look at the duration an individual uses on your site. Failure to convert does not imply that they are not interested in your brand.

Another thing worth noting is repeat visitors. If a particular segment has a notable number of repeat visitors, it is a good thing and can be interpreted as customer loyalty. In a series of a month, you can take time and look at the ebb and flow of your traffic. Things will ultimately work differently for different companies. It’s essential for the owner of the brand to look through and see what works for his or her brand. There are high chances that one segment of traffic will stand out and should, therefore, take the larger share of your budget.

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