How to Boost Web Traffic with Great Headlines


With all the consumers available online, businesses have to be sure that they target a specific type of visitor. You want web traffic that translates into paying customers, otherwise, your internet marketing is a waste of resources. Headlines are one tool you can utilize to entice online users to pop into your site. How you structure headlines on your platform can take away or contribute to your traffic. A headline determines how much users click on your posts, how well they share them on social media, and how much they read them. So how can website owners boost the quality of headlines to increase traffic?

Headline Tags

HTML tags are one way to get search engines to concentrate on certain words. With all the text contained in one web page, it can be difficult for a search engine to distinguish the body from the titles. Denoting headlines with tags shows search engine bots where the text begins. With clearly designed headlines the engine will be able to include your site when searchers look up your included keywords. However, don’t fall into the temptation of putting all your text under headline tags to try and trick the search engine. Such manipulation tactics will only identify you as a spammer, which is counterproductive to your efforts.


Solution Headlines

People go online to try and find answers to a myriad of questions from choosing between products to finding reputable service providers. You can create headlines that lure audiences to your site by offering solutions. When you show users that they can count on your content to find the solutions they seek, they will gladly click on that link. It is why how-to articles generate good web traffic. Asking questions in your topic like “Are you tired of paying high power bill?” Helps you pique the interest of consumers. Identify the dilemma that your product or service is trying to solve the construct topics that provide the necessary answers.

Be Compelling

For readers to click on your blog or Facebook post link, they must have a good reason to; so give it to them. You can structure headlines in many different ways that will arouse the desire to see what the whole text is about. A headline can be a list type like “5 Best Home Remedies,” or it can make comparisons like “Buying vs. Leasing a Car,” or offer advice, “Mistakes to Avoid during an Interview.”

Take the time to understand your target personas and tailor headlines to suit them to raise your web traffic numbers.


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