How to Boost Your Quality Score and Win with Google Adwords

Marketers of any type of online business have heard that Google Adwords gives highly targeted traffic to websites, but implementing an ad campaign through them may seem daunting. Before committing to a particular keyword, takes steps to boost your overall quality score to help ensure greater success and ROI.

What is a Quality Score in Google Adwords?

Quality Score (QS) used to focus only on the click thru rate (CTR) of the particular ad campaign. Now, it takes into consideration several QS factors that combine CTR with overall account performance, keyword relevance, and the landing page the ads point to. As with most things Google, the particular algorithms for determining Quality Score are not obvious to the marketing manager.

3 Ways to Give Your Quality Score a Boost

A high Quality Score brings real benefits to advertisers in Google Adwords. Your ads get put in more noticeable positions in the SERPs and they may cost you less than normal. To boost your QS as much as possible, make sure these three things are covered.

1 – Build a High Quality and Relevant Landing Page

Before Google’s Panda update for SEO, site owners would focus on Google Adwords’ keywords and spammy ads that worked. This gave consumers poor results if they clicked on one. Now, Google judges landing page links to ensure users get the results they want when they click an ad. Do not try to game the system. Give people value.

2 – Choose the Best Search Terms for the Ads

The more keywords you include in your Adwords campaign, the more potential click-thrus you can get, right? When seeking a higher Quality Score, more does not equal better. Instead, go for focused groups with higher relevance.

3 – Stick With it For the Long Haul

Since the historical click-thru rate plays such a large role in determining QS, it makes sense to use keyword phrases that have worked for a longer amount of time. Not only does this give your campaigns a boost with Google Adwords, but it uses the age-old and totally true adage of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Succeeding with Google Adwords involves many factors. Boosting your overall Quality Score is an integral part of that success.

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