How To Generate Traffic For Your Website

How To Generate Traffic For Your Website
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Every bloggers dream is to have a successful blog with thousands of hits per day. This can be achieved with patience and hard work but how do you generate traffic for your website?

Generating Traffic For You Website With Paid Traffic

Using paid traffic to get hits on your website is a very good way to increase visitor numbers. This is the process where YOU select a certain amount of keyword phrases which your potential visitor may use to find your website/niche product. You then pay the going rate – per click – to appear in the search results as shown below. The most common way is probably Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing – obviously, as these are the biggest search engines.

So for example if you search for “How To Generate Traffic For Your Website” then the results outlined in red is the websites which are paying to be seen in the results.

How To Generate Traffic For Your Website

These paid results obviously differ from the organic search results below the paid ads. As you can see the paid traffic is very powerful because they are shown on the first page and in very prominent positions.

However you do have to pay for this privilege and it ain’t cheap! Google can charge as much as £10/$16 per click for certain keyword phrases if the competition and demand is high.

As a general rule the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) way of attracting visitors to your website is for the big boys. If you are a newbie then stick to writing articles and doing backlink work.

Using Search Engines To Generate Organic (FREE) Traffic!

The best way to generate traffic for your website is to create unique and captivating content on your website. This is true regardless of your budget, niche or reputation.

Google and Yahoo try and be as fair as possible when ranking websites on their search engines. Generally the rule of thumb to rank high in search engines goes like this;

  • content is unique
  • your website has natural backlinks
  • your keywords appear naturally – not stuffed in for effect.
  • you have an active website with frequent updates
  • you have visitors sharing your content on social platforms
  • your usage of images and video

How To Generate Traffic For Your Website

This is why there are tens of thousands of websites which often outrank the big boys like Amazon or CNN. This can happen because the points above were all present in the article, which goes to show that you (as a newbie) can easily create a website which will make money.

However this is only a general rule and should not be taken literally. Your position in the search engines also depend on the following;

  • amount of competing websites
  • popularity of your website
  • current trends
  • algorithm technicalities

Simply keep updating your website with unique and amazing content then you will make that first sale! There is always space for more online entrepreneurs because the Internet is SO big.

To learn about how to write articles and how to rank in the search engines check out Wealthy Affiliate and create your FREE account.

Generate Traffic With Backlinks

This is a dangerous subject these days. After the Penguin and Panda algorithm changes of 2013/14 there have been major discussion to whether backlinks are still a viable way to building up page ranking.

We at AffiliateDork still believe this is a useful way to increase your search engine ranking and build authority. A backlink is essentially a “thumbs up” from another site in the form of a link to your website.

Back in the old days it was a simple case of the more backlinks you had, the better. Now it is about the quality of the backlinks which count. This means you need to build up a network of relevant and organic backlinks – not paid, fake or mass produced backlinks.

Thousands of websites have almost vanished from the search engine results after the recent algorithm changes due to the fact that they used black hat SEO tactics and these sites suffered severely. Basically, if you want to generate more traffic to your website or blog you need to link to other websites and forums which are relevant to your niche. This is what Google/Yahoo likes and that is what will result in higher ranking – which in turn will generate more organic visitors.

Think of it this way;

If you go to your local butcher and he recommends (backlinks) to you a football shirt. That does not make sense…?

However if your butcher recommends that you try his special homemade gravy to go with the lamb chops you just purchased. That makes sense. That is what Google/Yahoo want to give credit to!

YouTube Videos Are Very Effective

Videos = $$$! Simple as that. YouTube gets around 1 billion unique hits per month and there is more than enough business to go around. However, it is not as easy as simply upload some videos and cash in.

Here are a few useful tips for when you are creating videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

How to generate traffic to your website with YouTube videos is simple – add your link below the video and encourage the viewer to click it. Simple. A great video is also essential!

Where Can I Learn All These Methods Of Generating Traffic For My Website?

All this may seem daunting for you if you are a newbie just setting off on your road to making money online. Nevertheless, do not worry. There is a community of affiliates who are there for you – as well as Affiliate Dork!

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn everything you need to know about creating the perfect website. You can easily start your free membership and have a look around and join the thousands of other who have made the leap.

All of us here at AffiliateDork are members and even this very website is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate server. So if you are wondering how to generate traffic for your website then click the link below!

How To Generate Traffic For Your Website

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