How To Get More Backlinks Quickly With These Two Safe Content Marketing Strategies

Since you have to earn every link you receive that points back to your website or you risk a Google penalty, you have to market link-worthy content. It also helps to market different types of content; you increase your chances of getting more links from a broad range of websites and blogs that you may not have considered as sources for backlinks.

Give Away A Free Product

People love free things; give away a unique WordPress template or graphics and people will link to you. You don’t have to be in the website creation industry to take advantage of this link opportunity; the tactic can be adapted to almost any type of industry. If you sell pet products, people who love their pets will share your website link if you give away a free template for a blog featuring a specific breed of dog or cat. It does not cost much to have a freelancer create a product for you to give away; you will gain additional relevant backlinks this way.

Hold a Contest

Get on social media and promote a contest you are holding and have the contestants enter on your website. Have a recipe contest if you sell food or cookware or, if you sell clothing, have customers submit an idea for a new tee shirt design. Have visitors to your website judge the contest or you can do judge the entries yourself. Offer a decent prize and people will share your social media post and your contest announcement. Additionally, the winning entries provide you with unique content to market.

While creating engaging content, including videos and images, for your website is an excellent way to earn backlinks, it takes time to earn enough to raise your ranking in the SERPs. Contests and give-aways are SEO-friendly strategies that help you earn backlinks quickly without incurring any penalties.

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