How To Make A Killer Drip Campaign

In today’s technological age, virtually every entity employs email marketing in conveying messages to established customers, potential leads, and people interested in learning more about the helpful content you convey online.

With Halloween around the corner, it’s important to take advantage of as much October-31st-related web traffic as possible. According to the NRFs Annual Halloween Spending Survey, online shopping is the fifth-most popular shopping option on “Where Celebrants Plan to Shop,” the first four being discount, Halloween, grocery, and department stores, respectively.

An effective means of redirecting long-term Internet activity to your entity’s official web page or ecommerce listings on Amazon, eBay, or other sites that facilitate third-party reselling is through email marketing – particularly a drip campaign. This type of email marketing is designed to steadily send information to patrons on a weekly, daily, or multi-daily basis, spurring people to revisit your entity’s web presence in the future.

Let’s look into the barebones-basics of drip campaigns and innovative-yet-effective approaches to how you can take advantage of holiday-increased web traffic over long periods of time.

Signing people up for email marketing

While advertising and promoting products and services can certainly yield success, offering entertaining, informative, or educational content on a regular basis is undoubtedly more likely to garner higher levels of interest. To get a sufficient number of Internet users to sign up for your drip campaign, you must engage in inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing involves providing useful content that doesn’t directly advertise your products and services. Gain readers’ or viewers’ trust by first providing no-advertisement content. Once they sign up, that’s when you should begin ads and promos.

Nurture your leads

Lead nurturing refers to meeting patrons’ wants and desires. Be responsive to their questions sent through email or social media. Link them to other information on your website – or even outside of your page, if it means better meeting readers’ needs – to effectively solve their problems. Offer free trials and other freebies.

Take note of why they signed up and utilize that angle of approach

If somebody signs up for a newsletter around Halloween, add them to a group of like-minded consumers that enjoy holidays. Tailor messages using Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Independence Day lingo, likely furthering a bond between your organization and these particular patrons.

Another strategy to keep in mind is utilizing an email marketing software that allows you to save particular consumers to special groups, save templates, and best meet individual customers’ needs. Such a program should also facilitate different automated campaigns that use feedback from how they interacted with previous campaigns.

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