How To Make Money Online In A Year! – 5 Steps To Success!

make money online within one year

The first thing people ask when they first start the journey to create an online business is ; How long will it take to make money? Well, there are a lot of answers to this question. So, let’s take a look at how to make money online in a year!

Step 1 – Choosing What To Sell/Promote?

The first and most important step is what the hell to sell in the first place. Will you be an Ebay merchant, an Amazon affiliate or will you go down the affiliate marketing route?

We can tell you now there is no right answer and whichever one you choose there is a high likely hood you will change it at some point so don’t spend to long on this question. The most important thing is to get out there and try , learn, try again and learn from your mistakes.

Some popular ways to make money online are;

  • affiliate marketing – promoting other people products, service and communities. You write reviews and create websites/social media to drive traffic to said product. If someone buy anything you get paid a commission. This is the most lucrative and popular way of making money.
  • Ebay/Amazon Merchants – sell stuff on the market places. These days though it is unbearably saturated and profits a low and difficult to maintain.
  • Ebay/Amazon affiliates – you use social media or a website to drive traffic to these market places and get a commission on their spending.
  • Fiverr – got a skill or talent for small odd jobs such as article writing or graphic design? Sell your service on the cheap on – a really fun and easy way to make some dosh!
  • YouTube – make videos, get views, earn money from advertising. Very easy to do but you do need to be a certain “crazy” personality to do it and do it well. Most people don’t like their voices/faces on camera.
  • Article Writing – join a article writing service such as HireWriters and write articles for others. If you have a flair for writing then this can be a superb way to make money.

There are of course many more ways but these should wet your apatite a little bit. However the likely hood is you ill chop and change because many of these will overlap. For example;

You may end up creating a niche blog on the topic of “Fly Fishing”. On this blog you write reviews on fishing products which you get a commission on if someone buys though your links. You will also create your own YouTube videos on fishing techniques on which you can have links to Ebay and Amazon for certain fishing equipment. Then, as your website grows in authority, you get requests to guests blog on other fishing website.

Suddenly you are making money left right and center from all these different avenues and directions.making a full time income within a year

So, let us emphasize again. Do not spend to much time fussing about what to try and sell online because as time goes on and you develop your skills you will find things just fall into place. Choose something with which you have a passion for already. Something you are interested in and have some basic knowledge about.

Step 2 – Filter Through the Scams

The first thing you need to, unfortunately, is to sift through a mountain of spammy rubbish. Everything from pyramids schemes to just straight out cons. The amount of low quality – money grabbing – take your money and run schemes out there on the Internet is quite frightening. This process is where most people simply give up because they get fed up as EVERYTHING starts coming across as a scam – even the genuine programs.

So, how do you get passed this? Well, there is no simple answer. Even the most seasoned affiliate marketeer has been, will be or at some point in their career has been ripped off. The only way to learn is he hard way – after you have been ripped off a couple times you start to approach things a little differently.

Things to watch out for when signing up to a service, product or online community;

  • any person/group or service which “Guarantees” this that and the other. RUN AWAY! No one can guarantee No.1 Ranking on Google. No one can guarantee $10,000 per week income after 2 weeks. These services uses your greed to lure you in, then they con you and leave you hanging.
  • if the promotional theme is BMW’s, women, stacks of cash and “work 1 hour per week!” – don’t sign up!
  • rule of thumb which is ALWAYS true – if it looks to good to be true, it is!
  • if the website looks homemade, got spelling mistakes and is very new – Walk away!

When you do find a website which you think may be genuine do some googling. Find out what other people are saying about your chosen service or community and use your common sense.

There will always be negative reviews – even for the genuine websites. This is because there are many competitors who wish to discredit them. However the thing to look out for is overwhelming negative reviews and judge for yourself.

ALL reputable affiliate marketing websites will offer a free trial of some sort – NEVER pay anything before you get to see what/where/how and why you should join the community/service.

Step 3 – Choose A Niche/Topic/Product You Actually Care About!

When you have chosen which niche/service or products to promote, make sure it is something that you actually care about. Don’t be to concerned about if you have a great deal of knowledge about the subject, but you do need to be passionate about it.

Why? This is because if you were to create a website about “Smoothies” for example. You are going to be writing about and talking about smoothies for a long time! Like we mentioned in step 3, you will be writing about 20 + articles before Google even knows who you are so by the end of the year you will be reaching around 100 articles at 1,500 words a piece!

Can you imagine writing 100 articles with 1,500 words each about a topic you kinda like? No, you need to have an interest in them. This also helps because as you write and research to write more and more articles, you learn more and become a more dominant authority figure on your selected niche!

This in turn will result in more concrete articles and your enthusiasm will shine through. This means google will like your writing and you will get more traffic as your site authority grows. More traffic equals more earnings.

If you hate packing parcels and going to the post office – do not sell stuff on Ebay or Amazon. Equally, if you hate writing – don’t start a blog! 🙂 Stating the obvious we know but you would be surprised how many people start something, spend a lot of money setting it up and then go; “I don’t like this!”

making money online in one year

Step 4 – If You Start Something ; Stick With It!

Once you have chosen a niche or a certain service to use then give it time, stick with it! Remember this; Anything you choose to do will take time to succeed. The stories you read about people becoming multi millionaires in a matter of week do happen but they are one in a million.

Prepare yourself for a long haul, frustratingly tedious BUT very rewarding process of creating an online income over the next year.

Yes, I know, this doesn’t sound like a very cheerful and inspiring article! 🙂 Well, we are getting to that. We simply want you to have realistic hopes. We can tell you now that there is a very CLEAR and PRESENT danger of YOU making a full time income from the Internet within a year from today. So, keep reading.

The reason we are saying to stick with it is because most people start a website or begin promoting a product but then after 2 or 3 weeks give up because they have not made any money and then spread lies calling the service a scam. This is why people fail!

The thing to realize is that if you create a website for example it takes about 4/8 weeks before Google even knows you exist and then another number of weeks before you start seeing traffic and money coming in. So, essentially if you are a blogger you need to write around 20/30 blog posts before anyone even reads them!

This may sound daunting but the rewards are plentiful. if you can just hang in there and keep writing, keep promoting whatever product you choose and be patient then you WILL succeed.

Too many people with great websites and great ideas simply gave up because they couldn’t be bothered to wait. Too impatient. Do not let this be you! You need to give it at least 6 month to 1 year before you start seeing real traffic and real money coming in.

Step 5 – Do Not Worry About The Competition

There are literally BILLIONS of people using the Internet everyday and week. A lot of people give up or become bitter because they assume that the big boys like MSN or Amazon will take over everything – they will not and cannot. There is so many opportunities out there and there are millions of people making money from the Internet, not just the big boys.

Let us explain. Google and Bing work on the basis of what keywords the user is searching for, so if you imagine someone sitting at the computer and searching for “How to make money using Ebay”. The search engines will now show result for those exact words, but here is the kicker. There are many ways to search for that particular search;

  • using Ebay to make money
  • earn money using Ebay
  • how to maximize Ebay profits

Each one of those search terms will bring up a completely different result. So, for every single little bit of information someone is looking for there are probably hundreds of different phrases, words and terms to use for that exact search. Which means there are hundreds of different means of capitalizing on that and earning money from it.

Even a small website which is operated by one person can bring in thousands of dollars per month in advertising, article writing and product reviews which come up when you search for those exact keywords mentioned above.

By being aware of this you can concentrate on creating killer content which ranks well within Google and you will see that traffic will soon be flowing to your website and the revenue will not be far behind.

Last But Not Least!

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