How To Start An Online Business With No Money

How To Start An Online Business With No Money

Are you wondering how to start an online business with no money? Well, then read further because we have just the thing for you. Safe, legit and 100% top notch! If you have a passion or interest in anything, then you can make money from it. How do you make money from your interest online?


Well, you follow these simple 4 steps;

Choose An Interest
Build A Website
Attract Visitors
Earn Revenue


Choose An InterestHow To Start An Online Business With No Money

Do you have any interests? We all have a passion or a keen interest which gets us excited and enthusiastic when we talk about it. You can choose from literally millions of topics and niches when deciding on what to create a business about online.

The courses at Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose the right path when deciding which path to take. For example; Let us assume you are interested in “Tennis Shoes”. This is a great interest to begin your online adventure with and to build your business around.

There are 2.8 billion people online who are looking to spend money and regardless of the niche/topic/passion you choose, you can be extremely successful online! The training inside Wealthy Affiliate will help you narrow down which area, or niche, you will focus on. The aim is to really ENJOY what you will write about.

If you choose something you have a great interest in, success is very likely to follow.


How To Start An Online Business With No MoneyBuild A Website

Building a website takes literally seconds. In 60 seconds you will have a complete website which is ready to go and make money.

All you need to do is add content and pictures which you will be given full training and support on how to do. In the case above you wan want to make a website about “tennis shoes”.

Your chosen interest will be the cornerstone of your online business and this is what you will write about, discuss and make money with.


Attract VisitorsHow To Start An Online Business With No Money

In order to earn money from your website you need “traffic” or actual people coming to and reading your website content.

This is a sticky process if you do not know what you are doing but at Wealthy Affiliate you will be shown all the tricks of the trade – and it is remarkably easy!

The more visitors you get on your website – the more money you make!

The couching within Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how to rank your website within all the major search engines such as Google and Bing/Yahoo. You at this point think that this is too much for you but don’t worry. The process is much simpler than you think. 

Again, in the example above, you would create a small website about “tennis shoes” and create content around this topic. You would get people interested in this topic to your website and from there they will earn you money. This may all seem too simplistic but all will be explained inside the training sessions.

making money online with no moneyEarn Revenue

When you have people visiting your website you start making money. This is done by a process of placing adverts an links on your website.

So, for example, if you were to write a little review about a new pair of “Nike Tennis Shoes” which were linked to Amazon – you would then get a commission when someone clicked on this link and purchased something.

There are literally billions of products and services you can promote and it is incredibly easy to find them and start promoting them on your new online business. The best part it is all free.

Once you understand the basic principle of getting traffic to your website then there are many more ways you can earn revenue from your website. Regardless of what you promote or which services you recommend you do not have any inventory and there is no shipping involved. You are simply referring people to the merchants website. They do the work and you get paid a commission for sending the trade to them.

Are you ready to see How To Start An Online Business With No Money?

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools you need, regardless of experience level, such as live help, training course and 10,000 community discussions. Not to mention the website hosting and the SPAM FREE community you will be joining.

The best thing is that it is FREE to get rolling with your website. So what are you waiting for?

How To Start An Online Business With No Money


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  1. do you know what? you are talking about the only online system i have come across that does what it says on the tin! Fantastic Post!

    • Appreciate the kind words. Creating a business online with no money doesn’t always have to be hard. Hope the information was useful to you. 🙂

  2. nice site with great content. anyone looking to create a business with no money with learn how to do it from your site. Wealthy affiliate does make dreams come true!

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