How To Write Good Articles For SEO

Good SEO articles
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Many bloggers struggle with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because the algorithm, structure and rules around the subject keep changing. Naturally this leaves many people wondering how to write a good article which is will rank well in the search engines such as Google and Bing.

With that in mind; let us take a look at some pointers to hep you along the way.


Once you have researched and chosen your niche keyword phrase you can start creating an article. We won’t go into the process of researching the keyword themselves at the moment, let us just focus on the article itself.

  1. The first step is to use the keyword phrase in the title ; so for example in this article the keywords we are using is “How to write good articles for SEO“.
  2. The second step is to use the keyword one more time in the first couple of sentences as this gives the search engines another idea of what your article is all about. After you have completed these two steps, this is where the important part comes into effect.
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3. The third and final step in the keyword stage is very important. This is where a lot of other bloggers fail because they follow bad SEO practices. Do NOT stuff your article with keywords. After you have got your title and stuck your keyword phrase once more into the first few sentences simple write naturally.

Write naturally and if it fits to use your keywords again then by all means use them, but use them carefully.

Let us emphasis the work naturally! This brings us to the next point…

Keep Your Writing Natural

Write your content as a normal person. Imagine that you are talking to a friend or writing a letter to a friend and keep to the tone you have decided on from the start.

So try and use normal words and write your articles in a natural way by avoiding words that are too technical and mumbo-jumbo.

Think about it ; surfers have to read your content and the people who read your thoughts are for the most part average people. Therefor keep your words simple, relevant and direct. Wondering why we are telling you this?

Make It Readable

In today’s busy world people who surf the web do not have the time to read a lot of content so make your articles easy to read! You will be very lucky if your page gets more than 40 seconds of the average person time because there is so much information available and there are plenty of trigger happy clickers out there.

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With this in mind try using the following to make your article more scan-able;

  • use bullet points
  • use bold text and italic where appropriate
  • do not use long passages of text, break them up into small readable chunks
  • avoid using words and technical jargon which people have to use a dictionary to decipher
  • separate your content with short and relevant subheadings

Use Images And Video

Using images and videos is very important. The media tools capture peoples attention and most importantly; keeps them on your website for longer!

Again, images can help break up the articles. By using relevant images you can reinforce any points your are trying to make. So, in this post we are writing, we are using images which reinforce the SEO/writing theme of the post.

Think of images and videos as a nice wrapping and ribbon on a birthday present. The text of the article is the present itself which can be quality writing but a nice wrapping and bow will give it that extra nudge to please your readers.

Videos are a great way to capture the imaginations and attention of your readers. You can do so many things with a video and if you are selling a product or trying to get people to sign up to your program then videos are a must!

Learn more about using images and videos at Wealthy Affiliate University

Write For your Audience!

This one is very important; write for your audience!

When you write an article, with the ultimate goal of ranking high in search results, you need to write for your niche audience. In other words if your article is about  “Making Money With Blogging” then write about that exact topics – don’t veer off in a random direction and start talking about selling stuff on Ebay. Stay on topic.

  • read the title of the article out loud to yourself and imagine you are the person reading it for the first time. What would you expect to find? What would you want to read?
  • try to give your readers quality content and most importantly give them something worth sharing on social platforms! Google and Bing (the two big boys of the search engine world) are getting better and better at identifying logical and relevant blog posts


Let’s sum up the main points to take with you from this article;

  • do not use your keywords too many times unless it fits naturally
  • make your article very easy to read
  • use images and videos to enhance the reading experience
  • write naturally and write for your audience

Regardless of your niche or passion you can write great content for the purposes of SEO. Simply remember to follow the simple point above and you will be in a position to write good articles.

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