Huffington Post Closes All Contributor Accounts

Over 100,000 business managers and owners recently received an email from Huffington Post stating that they were closing the Huffington Post contributors platform. While this part of the Huffington Post contributed to only about 10 to 15 percent of Huffington Post’s vast network of pages, it left many to question how they were supposed to promote their businesses now with this door closed firmly.

How Guest Blogging Helps Your Business

While Huffington Post has decided to not take any more contributor posts, there are still plenty of highly-respected places that will take your content. Guest blogging exposes your name and company to thousands of readers who may be in your targeted industry. It helps you build your reputation as an industry leader. It also helps you to build a following that you can easily convert into regular readers of your site. It is a great way to generate backlinks allowing your site to rank higher.

Publish Niche Industry Guest Blogs

There are many different places where you can publish guest blogs. Just remember to make sure that your content is relevant to the site where you are submitting it. It also needs to be unique. Do not overlook the possibility of posting on sites where the majority of viewers are in your niche market. You should already be following thought-provoking leaders in your niche market, so use Google to see where they are posting.

4 Places that Publish Guest Blogs

There are still plenty of opportunities to post your content on sites recognized across the web including:

INC– Content for this site needs to offer a personal insight tied to a current event. It should be presented in actionable steps.

Harvard Business Review– As the name suggests, posts need to be tied to business, and they need to contain strong evidence. They prefer you pitch an idea first.

Forbes– You should email your pitch to Your pitch should include a possible headline, two sentences about the article and one sentence about your expertise.

The New York Times– This publication accepts strongly opinionated op-ed posts. It can be about any topic that the editors think their audience will be interested in reading about.

While Huffington Post has decided to close all contributor accounts, the end of guest blogging has not arrived. Therefore, digital marketers need to find another avenue to get their name in front of their targeted market.

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