How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

When using Google AdWords to promote your website, you must carefully monitor and optimize your keywords’ Quality Score. Represented as a number ranging one through 10, it plays key role in your return on investment (ROI). The higher your Quality Score, the less you’ll pay for clicks and the higher your ads will rank. So, how can you improve your Quality Score?

Create Small, Tightly Knit Ad Groups

As explained by Search Engine Watch, you can improve your Quality Score by creating small ad groups with highly relevant keyword. If your ad groups are too broad or otherwise contain keywords that don’t match the content of your ad and landing page, you’ll probably experience a low Quality Score for the keywords on which you are bidding.

Include Keyword in Ad Copy

Make sure your target keywords are included in your ad title. With a 25-character limit (including spaces), you don’t have much digital real estate in your ad titles. Therefore, you need to focus on attracting users’ attention and convincing them to click your ad. Adding your target keywords to your ad title is a simple and effective way to accomplish this task.

Use a Relevant Landing Page

You can also improve your AdWords Quality Score by using a relevant landing page. An effective landing page should be highly relevant to your ad copy. If your ad talks about wedding rings but your landing page directs visitors to a car parts store, you’ll probably suffer from a low Quality Score. Your ad copy must closely match your landing page’s content to achieve a high Quality Score.

Monitor and Optimize

Finally, you must constantly monitor and optimize your AdWords campaigns. In addition to the factors previously mentioned, account history, past click-through (CTR) of keywords and display URL’s past CTR all affect Quality Score. So, by optimizing your account, you can achieve a higher CTR and subsequently a higher Quality Score.

Quality Score is just one metric to analyze in your AdWords account. Perhaps even more important is your return on investment (ROI). If you have a negative ROI — meaning you are spending more money than what you are making — a high Quality Score isn’t going to help.

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