Is “Content As A Service” The Future Of Content Marketing?

A number of developing trends seem to show that the future of content marketing belongs to the “content as a service” model. Although it is impossible to predict future events with anything close to perfect accuracy, it doesn’t hurt to examine likely possibilities. According to a poll conducted by CMI, over 85 percent of B2B marketers reported producing at least one content item each day. This is just one expression of the myriad ways that various industries now engage with networks through content. However it is expressed, content must remain punchy and engaging to serve any marketing purpose. Whether your business sells to businesses or to the retail market, using content as a service can help you hone your business model.

These days, many businesses organize their content in a way that is haphazard at best. Because the universality of online content channels is a fairly new thing, companies are still publishing content in a fairly dissipated manner. You might have some content on your Google Drive account, some content on your website and yet more content isolated in a mobile app somewhere. You need to know exactly how to access and renovate content when that becomes necessary. Even if you are happy with your content, you never know when your content will need tweaking to seem fresh and modern. Far too many companies cannot even access all produced content, much less figure out how to leverage the content for future use.

Content as a service is a model where you pay outside talent to produce, back up, manage and exploit all types of content. Outsourcing like this means that you’ll have a dedicated team to optimize your content for each specific channel. Marketers like to talk about “evergreen content” that will continue to seem fresh over the years. While this might sound good in theory, evergreen content is all too often vague content. Improve your search rankings and your prestige by making your content specific enough to matter. Again, using content as a service allows you to offload quality concerns while you focus on the core of your marketing business.

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  1. Content marketing is for sure getting momentum with each passing day. I am sure, I will be able to make some bucks with your support. Your articles are very informative and will definitely help me achieve my goals.

  2. Content marketing has been helping businesses, but I seem to be confused with the idea that companies dissipate their contents in a vast manner. Does that call for more views or conversions? Because I believe that it may not be easy to access all produced contents when dissipated much.

    • Hi, Ruth and thanks for your comment and question! I think that most companies are looking for more eyes on the page and more dispersion of links when they spread their content net wide. The more people see it, the more they become interested and will associate the terms companies are covering with their specific business as well.

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