Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It?

Advertising has come a long way since the creation of small businesses and small business markets in the world. However, social media has brought about a new wave of advertisement possibilities to even the largest of businesses. How companies manage to advertise before the wave of social media is a miracle by itself, but is advertising digitally through major social media changes like Facebook worth the trouble?

Facebook has been a great place to start for many small businesses or companies. Since it is readily available for many people, the creation of the business pages section of the social media site dramatically increased the likelihood of gaining customers or clients. However, Facebook has come a long way since those early days, and businesses are growing right alongside the social media giant. What is a concern for small businesses is how to get the word out through the multitudes of information floating through Facebook cyberspace each day.

Companies all over the world, since the addition of the Facebook app for smartphones, has started using the social media site to help spread the word about their business, their company, and their overall services. Many companies are even paying money to have their business promoted on the social media giant’s site, to have their advertisements seen all over the world. What has become quite the problem is the price.

Facebook has begun to raise their price for the marketing and promotion feature, and while it is helpful, according to Forbes’ article on the subject, it is eating up quite a bit of raised funds from each small business.  Businesses are growing, yes. They are being showcased throughout the social media website and application, but what is starting to turn businesses and companies off from this form of advertisement is the price.

What was once something very inexpensive to do, has now turned into a huge money-making scheme for Facebook. They are taking up to 40-percent of the advertisement profits from each business or company, no matter how small or large. If a business continues using Facebook to advertise, they might just find themselves in a money predicament. Even if the company spends the money on advertising on Facebook, there is no guarantee that the advertisement will reach the maximum number of people. There have been reports of the mediocre job that Facebook is doing in handling their advertisements, which is another reason why many businesses are starting to stray from this marketing technique.

Is Facebook advertising worth all the trouble? It is hard to say. If a company wishes to spend up to 40-percent of their profits on advertising through the social media giant, then they should go for it. If they are fine with their advertisements only reaching a few of the said max number of people, then go for it. However, it is extremely difficult to condone such a marketing technique, when there are other, better social media advertising opportunities out there.

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