Is Slice The Pie A Scam?

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Some people may have asked the question “Is slice the pie a scam?” Well, it’s not. Maybe it’s the catchy name that makes them wonder, but here’s what it is;

It’s a website that is focused in music from un-signed artists and the fans that want the opportunity to weigh in on their work. The slice the pie website thrives on consumer reviews. And, reviewers are not only helping those undiscovered artists, but earning money while doing it. It’s all about connecting good music with good people and earning some good money along the way.

Slice the Pie was founded in 2007 in Berkshire and not much has changed since then. All reviews go straight to the relevant artists, providing feedback for them about their music. Reviews also help Slicethepie to choose the artists and their music for radio placement and A&R opportunities.

How Does Slice The Pie Work?

All that anyone needs to become a reviewer on Slicethepie is a decent Internet connection and a love for music. The connection must also have a minimum 300kbps bitrate. After registering to become a member, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive the email, click on the link to confirm your Slicethepie account, then log in and start reviewing. It’s just that easy.

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Submitting reviews on the website is easy. Members simply log in and go to the Scout page. To listen to a music track, one has simply to hit the play button. After at least 90 seconds of the track have gone by, the member can start their review in the text box.

They can also rate the track from one to ten with the use of the slider. After hitting “submit”, they can move on to the next music track.

Some bonus tracks will pay better than other tracks and will be received by random reviewers on certain occasions. Constructive, detailed reviews that are on-target by being specific just to that track will earn more money. So, don’t spare those words. Explain in detail what you do and don’t like about a track.

And, no matter what your level of articulation is, don’t worry. You can earn and learn as you go. Just as the musicians will get better with constructive comments, so will you in your reviews. And, don’t forget your friends.

Many of them could probably use an additional stream of income just for reviewing their favorite music genres. So, contact them via email, Facebook or Twitter and invite them to join in.

They’ll probably thank you for telling them bout one of the best legit money-making sites on the web today.

No, you don’t have to be a music expert or be in the music business. Slicethepie is looking for honest reviews from everyday people. If you love music, why not make money for listening to it? All you have to do is give your personal opinion of each track.

This is intended to help unsigned artists to improve on their music with the help of music lovers with an opinion. Your opinion also helps get their music heard. So, you’re helping artists while also helping yourself.

Fashion forward? They also has occasional fashion trials as well. They call it Slicethepie Catwalk. This gives reviewers the opportunity to submit reviews on clothing as well as music. Members receive an email advising them of when a Slicethepie Catwalk event will be running, so they can participate in that as well.

How Do You Get Paid?

  • You can get paid in USD via PayPal with minimum withdrawals of $10 each.
  • The amount you get paid for each review is based upon a ranking system.
  • The longer and better written your reviews are, the better your pay.
  • They want to pay their reviewers better money for better reviews.
  • The site has received more than ten million reviews to date and Slicethepie has paid out over $1,000,000 to their reviewers.
  • Actual numbers paid out can be seen on the homepage at any time as they rise exponentially.

What Do You Write About?

Trying to figure out how to write these reviews can be difficult because you can not simply use words like “This song is good” or “The base is awesome” Finding the right words to use can be tricky so here is a list of various words you can use;

Positive Words

Clever, deep, thought-provoking, rich, warm, stylish, clear, competent, skillful, creative, imaginative, strong, original.

Negative Words

plain, obscure, boring, plain, uninspiring, shapeless, tuneless, bland, out of tune, thin, inconsistent.

Example Of A Review;

“This is a fantastic track and overall performance. The song is powerful and tuneful. The musician has an appealing singing tone, and applies real emotion into the lyrics. The lyrics are fascinating and purposeful with some punchy words. Instrumentally, the song has a wealthy, full complement that harmonizes with the vocal track completely. Fantastic acoustic guitar solo too, even though I think a grittier tone would suit the dim feeling of the song far better. The quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. All round, the track is distinctive and authentic, and I believe it has robust commercial potential.”

The Referral Program

Refer your friends and you make a 10% commission on all their future earnings. Many people earn hundreds, if not thousands per month! There are many ways of driving traffic to your affiliate link.

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Why Bother For So Little Money?

Well, think about it in a long term way. If you are getting around $0.15 per review which takes 90 seconds to write then you can easily earn $2 per day which is nothing right?!

Wrong! Do one hour per day while you are relaxing and listening to music and this adds up to $60 per month. That covers your phone bill or perhaps a few monthly subscriptions of various services.

So, if you enjoy listening to music then why not get paid for it. Refer a few of your friends who do the same and suddenly it will build and you will earn a nice little slice at the end of the month!

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So, why not give it a try and start making money today? You have nothing to lose as it costs absolutely nothing to join. All you need is an internet connection and speaker or headphones on your computer. Once you listen to a track, just put into words how it made you feel.

Did you love the bass? Did you like the arrangement? Did you feel that the track might be something you would possibly buy? Slice The Pie is definitely not a scam so click the link below and start earning money by reviewing music today!

Click Here To Check Out Slice The Pie!


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