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Content marketing is an excellent method for building brand awareness and generating leads because it is cost effective. Aside from an investment in time composing the content, then posting, and promoting it online, content marketing is free, unless you pay someone to create your content.

While content is less intrusive than other types of advertising, it has to be engaging to compete with the massive amount of articles, videos and white papers that compete for consumers attention each day. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 assessment found that nearly half of B2C companies have just one person composing all of their content. If that same person is also editing and evaluating the content before potential customers view it, the company is not making high quality output a priority.

Perceptive marketing departments are employing brand journalists who are experts at capturing and keeping readers attention. Brand journalists publish stories, they do not advertise. Consumers trust companies that provide helpful, honest information, typically through blog posts, which the marketing department promotes. Storytelling may serves several purposes, including taking the place of a press release announcing new employees and new products. Companies may use their content to generate leads by providing industry news or to present a new image to the public as well.

Major corporations are hiring journalists from major media outlets and while you, if you are a small businesses owner, cannot hire a former New York Times journalist, you can find a journalist or professional copywriter who understands SEO. You do not have to hire a new employee; you can find people to write engaging content who are freelancers. Have multiple individuals write for you and then use the ones who composed the content that brought you leads.

If you are going to engage in content marketing, publish the best content that you can afford since consumers equate the quality of your content with the quality of the products or services that your business offers.


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  1. Creating catchy and informative contents are key to getting audience read your contents, but marketing doesn’t come easy at my end. I often have people charge me enormous prices to distribute, publish and market my contents.

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