Jellyfish And LiveRamp Will Make Digital Marketing Easier

Digital marketing is integral to the success of businesses with web pages that represent their brand images, detailed histories, product lines, and more. Television viewership and radio listenership have decreased in the past ten to fifteen years, all thanks to the proliferation of the Internet, the World Wide Web, readily available Internet connections for reasonable prices, and technological devices that virtually everybody can afford. While seniors and people over 50 still listen to these two forms of media as much as they always have, digital media vehicles are slated to dominate how people consume media.

Jellyfish is a digital marketing, promoting, and advertising firm that’s recently partnered with Axicom subsidiary LiveRamp to help website managers on both the commercial and small business levels make better sense of their marketing performance.

The partnership between the pair of still-independent companies is purported to lend to professional and backyard digital marketers a superior branding experience, and is also likely to increase discovery of effective means of marketing, as well as boost customer engagement with an entity’s promotional efforts.

Jellyfish’s United States Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Kevin Buerger, claimed that “[The] partnership gives us the ability to reach people, not just devices . . . with marketing messages that better meet their needs.” Such is likely to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of all sorts, as customer feedback paired with automated data analysis – what Jellyfish and LiveRamp will provide – is a highly effective form of uncovering inferences from useful information.

The promotional partnership will provide users with means to measure real-world impacts of digital marketing without relying on technological devices, programs, and the World Wide Web to do so, truly a unique ability in the world of web- and device-based marketing.

LiveRamp is all about marketing geared towards individuals – called people-based marketing – which will give users the gift of interpreting web-based marketing campaign success with physical means of doing such, ranging from phone calls to in-person visits at physical store locations.

Consumers will be fortunate enough to work with a Google marketing partner in Jellyfish, a title very few promoters are able to boast. Such will allow users to get proverbial scoops of inside information prior to non-partners finding out, giving them a first-mover’s advantage.

Jellyfish employs short of 400 people across Europe, Africa, and the United States. LiveRamp works solely in America, and adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s best practices.

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