The Importance of Marketing Professionals like Krishen Iyer Within the Healthcare and Insurance Industries

Krishen Iyer, Founder of Managed Benefits Services

The focus that marketers can bring to the much-debated topic of health care in the United States may reflect its growing importance within the industry. Forbes addresses the influence that marketers and their skill sets bring to a range of issues. It further suggests that they possess “unique ways of solving problems” that may help unravel some of the knotty problems that exist. The expenditures by Americans for health care far exceed those of 11 “other high-income nations.” However, the U.S. has less to show for it in some of the universal measures that the Commonwealth Fund uses as a basis for comparison.

There are hundreds of ambitious marketing professionals who work to help health insurance agencies and agents with client relations and growth. Krishen Iyer is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services (MBS) a marketing company focused on providing consulting and lead generation services. As the fields of marketing and healthcare grow and change, there becomes an increasing need for focused professionals to help communicate the need to adjust to these new adjustments.


Finding Opportunities to Improve Health Care

The U.S. Healthcare system provides less access to health care, more administrative inefficiency, lower equity and poorer health outcomes than other countries in the study that included Australia and New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and the United States. Indicators such as these can motivate talented young entrepreneurs like Krishen Iyer to use innovative marketing skills to change things. The outstanding performance by his Name My Premium (NMP) Insurance company won a spot on the INC 5000 list in 2015. The magazine publishes an annual list that recognizes the “fastest-growing privately held small businesses in the United States.” An outstanding achievement that can inspire anyone in business, a mention on the list confirmed his early inclination to seek a career as an entrepreneur. Even before he earned his degree in Public Administration in 2004, he founded his first insurance-related business as a forerunner of other entrepreneurial successes that bear his name.


Seeking Help from Professional Marketing Firms 

Forbes takes an optimistic view of the potential for marketers to help taxpayers and insurance providers solve some of the problems in the American health care system as it changes. With expertise in most aspects of the business world, marketers like Iyer can use unique skills to address the challenges that consumers present. Forbes cites the need for health care providers to engage more with patients and find ways to manage the communications that may make a critical difference.

A change in the payment structure bases services on “value instead of volume.” The shift in approach means that providers receive a set amount for patient care instead of a variable amount for each element of it. While the change has implications for the delivery of health care, it has a potential impact on the marketing of services. Most efforts have traditionally focused on branding and public relations to attract patients. However, a system that emphasizes value rather than volume may face challenges in achieving customer retention.


Choosing Entrepreneurs as Leaders

As the founder of Managed Benefits Services (MBS) with a base in Fresno, Krishen Iyer heads a company that specializes in consulting and lead development for health, life and dental insurance services. The company offers guidance on structuring contracts and helps marketing verticals “monetize their prospects and opportunities.” Clients can obtain custom-designed, specific lead traffic for the market as well.

Krishen Iyer’s degree from San Diego State University enhanced his interests and his “entrepreneurial acumen” for pursuits in technical development, client relations and digital marketing. Always seeking new entrepreneurial endeavors while retaining a commitment to existing projects, Iyer takes pride in recent achievements at MBS. He expects a new multiple layer platform to reward his investment of time and effort with the transformation of the “results that it delivers to clients.” A goal of making MBS realize its full potential inspires him to mentor others who want to enter the insurance field through consulting. He believes that the specialty adds a “new dimension” that helps his company and others as well. While specializing in client interfacing, technical development, and online marketing, he provides a unique level of dedication to his clients. His focus on detail and his persistence in seeking solutions in a challenging industry help advance his success.


Relying on Fundamental Strategies

Communication skills contribute to Krishen Iyer’s achievements, and he considers them the best way to “make an idea come to life.” Colleagues agree that his ability to coordinate multiple viewpoints contributes to the sharing of ideas around a central concept. He views it as a talent and a skill that helps a business owner change and improve over time. Techniques that enhance his communication skills include the development of services that his company makes available. MBS fosters connections between lead-generating businesses and the firms that Iyer believes can benefit from specific kinds of marketing solutions. His sales associates and agents work “underneath us in an insurance capacity” while they serve as marketing buyers in the flexible approach that may produce the results that Forbes anticipates. He sees value in making his company a “one-stop shop.”

Krishen Iyer credits data collection and analysis strategies for making his company grow as they provide the accuracy that reduces risk and increases efficiency. MBS relies on a diversified approach to marketing and “robust data analytics” that add significantly to the efficiency of strategies. They improve the company’s ability to generate new business as well. An avid reader of financial topics and a frequent traveler, Iyer devote time from his various business interests to contribute to community beautification projects. As the owner of Iyer Real Estate Co. in addition to his other privately held companies, Krishen Iyer enjoys giving back to the community through his philanthropic efforts.


Opportunities for Change

The health care system in the United States, as Forbes makes clear, does not have a reputation for providing experiences that appear seamless or even positive. The opportunity to change the system seems open to the marketers who have expertise in creating “a unified experience” for the audiences that they can influence. Their approach to consumers can help them reach the key performance indicators (KPIs) that guide progress toward a goal. KPI’s help managers estimate the effectiveness of processes that may need adjustment to reach organizational goals. When marketers can engage consumers and meet their KPIs, they may achieve a desirable increase in revenue. Forbes notes that the understanding of methods that can engage consumers requires the skills that allow marketers to shine.

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